The rubber is about to hit the road, and we are soon going to discover whether our Democratic Republic can survive with the most corrupt, inept and desperate President in our history at the wheel.

When Donald Trump accidentally and to his surprise (and the world’s great surprise also) actually won the presidency, he found himself in a terrible trick bag. He realized then and there that he would have  no choice but to go on a “take  no prisoners ” mission to gather as much power as possible so he could find any and all ways to conceal every unethical and illegal act he had ever conducted in his fifty years of sleazy business practices.  And that, ladies and gentlemen covers a lot of territory. Curiously, to his even greater surprise (and to his credit) he soon discovered that he was able to do a pretty good job of suppressing almost all of that information, by simply employing and honing the same slimy bag of tricks that he had learned from Roy Cohn… and which had worked so well for him in his business affairs. Subsequently, he was even more surprised at how easy it was to get GOP Senators to aid and assist him in his cover up efforts. it was like training a bunch of cowardly little lap-dogs to roll over and pant and lick his hands for even the tiniest morsel.

Which brings us to Post Impeachment today and the prospect of Donny trying to foist upon the citizens of our country the acceptance of The “Unitary Theory of Executive Power”. For those who have not been paying attention, this “Unitary President” is based upon a fictional reading of our constitution. A better description should call it an “Imperial Presidency”…and as we all know, we had a minor little Revolutionary War against England back in the 1700’s because we were tired of being bossed around and exploited by a bunch of rich privileged, undeserving, lazy fat cats.

It was total bullshit then…and it is total bullshit today. And apparently some 2000 (and counting) former DOJ attorneys and other staff and officials, Republican and Democrat alike, agree that Bill Barr should resign because of “His actions… and the damage they have done to the Department of Justice’s reputation for integrity and the rule of law”.  Not to mention that a group called “The Federal Judges Association” told USA Today that they have called an emergency meeting  for Wednesday, February 19th  to address “growing concerns” about the DOJ’s intervention in politically sensitive cases. Another rebuke to the President and Attorney General for conduct unbecoming at a minimum…and illegal in all probability.

There is no need to discuss in much detail the theory of Trump’s “wet dream”

For now, all we need to know is that it is Donald’s notion that he, (history’s most inept and corrupt President) can intervene in any legal proceeding against anybody, including himself; that he and he alone can determine guilt or innocence…or whether the sentence in any case (which has been successfully and legally prosecuted by the Department of Justice) is going to be long or short …or to his liking. Hell, by his “anti-logic, anti-thinking, anti-reason standards”, we don’t even need a Judiciary…a court system…or a Department of Justice. Let the “Stable Genius” handle it all.

And, of course, this is the position that Bill Barr described and propounded in writing well before he was approved as Attorney General of the United States.

So, what is going to happen when The Supreme Court soon hears Trump’s pleas to keep his tax, bank and financial records private. Is the Stable Genius  simply going to issue his own ruling after the Supreme Court’s ruling…if “Mr. Perfect” disagrees with it? That is where we are heading.

Arguments will occur in late March, and the justices will  issue decisions sometime in June…just in time for the rubber to hit the road at “break-neck” speed. Rulings against Donny could result in the quick release of personal financial information, which he has been fighting all his life to keep private…which includes a whole lot of time that he was supposed to be doing his job as President. The court also will decide whether the Manhattan district attorney can obtain eight years of his tax returns as part of another ongoing criminal investigation.

Keep your eyes on Donny’s two new hand-picked beauties,  Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. Let’s see if 250 years of legal precedent, the basis for our legal system, which restrain Justices from straying too far from the truth, are sufficient to keep these boys in line with rendering justice. My money is on Justice prevailing. Here’s why.

Donny is so used to getting away with shit, that when his “suck up” senators gave him a pass on Impeachment, he got over cocky and he has now overplayed his hand.  He is so consumed with himself and his insecure huge ego that he forgot that Federal Judges have egos too…big f_ _ _ing egos. And they are appointed for life, which is why they sometime fool their appointing president… and they start rendering real legal analysis …because unlike senators they are untouchable. They can decide however they want to decide (which means in keeping with existing law) and Donny cannot touch them.

And here is what dumb ass Donny does not understand most of all. Each justice’s intellectual reputation means everything to them…so none of them are going to stray too far from legal precedent and make themselves look foolish just to save the sorry ass of a fool whose time may be rapidly coming to an ending. How rapidly will depend upon how willingly and how much the Supreme Court wants to allow the American public to review the heretofore well concealed files and the records that will likely reveal the true nature and the depth and the breadth of the relationship that our President has had with Russian dirty money. That would be the  billions of dollars stolen from the Russian people and funneled into the hands of Putin friendly oligarchs, which is then in all likelihood laundered and funneled through disguised entities to invest in Western blue-chip investments…like Donald Trump controlled entities. So, the REAL question that can be answered if the Supremes approve the subpoena to produce documents becomes: “How willing was the President of the United States in his private life to accept vast sums of dirty money  from Russian controlled entities via Deutsche Banks and others?

Welcome to the Supremes, boys. It’s time to start earning your living. The world is watching. And the world knows the difference between persecution and prosecution.

The impeachment door has closed, but there is this “subpoena” door, which a whole lot of people want to open to see what is behind that door?

Stay tuned.

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I really hope you’re correct, but this may not work if the recently appointed Supremes are in bed with or can be blackmailed by Pitin/Trump the same way the GOP senators are. Another question, too, is “Will Donny comply with the SC’s decision if they go against Donny’s wishes?” T*Rump refusing to comply with the SC’s decision would be a real Constitutional crisis!

Denis Elliott
I wish I could have faith in SCOTUS but I have doubts. I believe you are correct in your assessment of things when it comes to Roberts. The Federalist Society disciple in him WANTS to go along with the whole Unitary Executive thing but I believe he views Trump having such powers is as bad as a Democrat acting under that guise. Btw, conservatives have promoted this Unitary Executive bullshit for decades and fiercely so – UNLESS a DEMOCRAT happens to be President and then (of course!) all of a sudden they are aghast at what they insist is Presidential… Read more »