The “Deep State” Exposed


deep state


  • 1.a body of people, typically influential members of government agencies or the military, believed to be involved in the secret manipulation or control of government policy:“the deep state and its policy of allowing extremist ideologies to flourish may be the actual issues of concern”

Donald Trump is a “true believer” in the evils of the “deep state.” Why? Because Donald Trump is a delusional, paranoid asshole, leading a greasy horde of other delusional, paranoid assholes. And the easiest way for him to explain to his brain dead base of followers his complete, pathetic inability to get anything done, is to claim that is is all a “deep state” cabal of government employees, working secretly to defeat him from accomplishing his greatness.

Obviously this is a case of gibberish of a world class order, the stuff of madness. But when it comes to Trump, what if, lets just say what if, Trump is right, and there is a group working actively against him to defeat his evil whims? But not quite the evil cabal that he keeps insinuating that it is? What if, rather than advancing some sinister, ill gotten plan from a bunch of villains hell bent on ill gotten means, there is a “deep state,” but working for some other, less diabolical purpose?

On her show last night, Rachel Maddow talked in some detail about the letter that more than 2000 previous Justice Department employees had signed, demanding the resignation of William “Monkey” Barr. In that same letter, they advised current Department of Justice officials to resign their posts if all else fails, and to make the reasons for their sudden departures public. In other words, as Rachel put it, “To make a stink.”

She followed that up by relating how officials in the Washington DC US Attorney’s office had related to reporters that the criminal investigation into the possible lying of Erik Prince to congress were ongoing. This is odd, since nobody had thought much of that investigation since it was started as a result of a congressional request more than a year ago. This was followed by the revelation to reporters, this time from the Southern District of New York that the criminal investigation into former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani was ongoing, even after the end of the Trump Impeachment.

Why put that out there now? Is it possible that this is actually the work of the nefarious “deep state?  But what if, instead of some insidious group of insurgents, trying to foul democracy for a nefarious purpose, the “deep state” is actually a group if committed US government employees, standing up in support of their oath to the constitution? What if, instead of attempting to kill democracy in it’s sleep, they are trying to protect it?

Look, the investigations into Prince and Giuliani aren’t state secrets, they were announced shortly after they were initiated. But, with the whirlwind of the Trump impeachment investigation, the articles of impeachment, and the trial, they have moved to the back burner and been largely forgotten. What if some employees in the know in the Washington Sc and the Southern District of New York’s US Attorney’s offices have heard some rumblings that these investigations may be taken over by Barr, and quashed? What if those employees are sending out veiled signal flares, reminding the press and the public that those probes are up and running, and admonishing us to keep an eye on them, and to ask questions if they suddenly disappear?

So, what if Trump is right? What if there actually is a “deep state” out there, but instead of serving some far reaching, more nefarious purpose, they are actually faithful employees of the United States government, upholding their oaths to protect and serve the United States constitution? I intentionally wrote this article in a pulp fiction, conspiracy theory vein, but the intention is plain and clear. My belief is that what His Lowness ascribes to be the “deep state” is actually sworn federal employees doing their best to uphold the constitution of the United States. And thank God for them.

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All the people sworn to follow the constitution.

And not him.

So everyone, then.

Ken Senzig
Joseph Murphy must have slipped off his bar stool after imbibing WAY past the legal limit and hit his head on the foot rail,while watching President Trump’s superlative SOTU speech! This “murfster” must have spent his formative years with his head immersed in the comic books. For starters, President Trump was duly AND LEGALLY elected by the people who are fed up with lip service namely the deep state pols who, with an open mike will come out with “I will have more latitude after the election”! Next comes the Comey FBI crowd who conspires with a “well known” political… Read more »

Man, you’ve really drunk the Kool-Aid, haven’t you, Ken!

dana fairfield

That’s because he trusts the actual fake news. On the other hand, back when he and his cohorts believed his fake news sources that Obama was trying to make himself king on even less evidence, Ken was first in line hollering for impeachment.

By the way, a couple other forgotten investigations involving Hillary have recently been completed and she was ACTUALLY exonerated, unlike Trump.

p j evans

I think you want one of the blogs over there —–>


Way over to the right further than that, next to Attila The Hun.


No one sane and informed elected tRump. So very sad.

Cherl Harrell

This is who I believed the “deep state” to be all along. The only reason they are “evil” is because they choose to support the constitution over Trvmp’s whims.


So happy I stumbled across your body of work. Hard to smile these days. Reading you is like chatting with a friend close enough to speak my truth, before I do. Thank you.


About that kool-aid, I believe the “Trump Derangement Syndrome” moniker was applied to “us” in an attempt to get in front of themselves being labeled as having such. So, does TDS by Proxy apply? Hindsight Is 2020, VOTE