#ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump is up and trending today. All you have to do is replace Trump with a movie title — and add a picture, if you like. As ridiculous as Trump is in “real” life, transposing his persona to the silver screen does yield some gems. Here are some of the favorites so far.

How about “White Men Can’t Trump?” and “Trump White and the Seven Nazis?” Here’s a good one, “Trumpback Mountain.” Or this, “Saving Private Bonespurs.”

And the tweet goes on. Any ideas for a movie title? Share them in the comments.

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Denis Elliott
I don’t have the picture editing or video skills b ut the shooting scene in the movie The Dead Zone where Martin Sheen’s character grabs a toddler from his mothers arms and holds the kid up as a shield with Trump edited in & a title change to The Trump Zone comes to mind – because that’s exactly what Trump would do. Then there’s a related, iconic movie All the President’s Men that could be renamed All The President’s Felons with an unflattering pic of Trump in the middle surrounded by mug shots of those who have so far been… Read more »

A Clockwork Orange

If we’re talking a straight drama:

“Shame Of A Nation.”

“Trump: Integrity’s End”

“The War On Facts”

“All The President’s Criminals”

“Good Night, and Good Riddance”

If it’s a thriller:

“The Manchurian President”

“The Idiots Brief”

“4 Years Of The Dodo”

“Mouth Of Lies”

If it’s a comedy:

“Wag The Don”

“The Undistinguished Gentleman”

If it’s a horror movie:

“Nightmare on Pennsylvania Street”

“Sh!t: Chapter One”


Shouldn’t that first horror movie title be “Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue?” I know the movie you’re referencing is “Nightmare on Elm Street” but the White House’s (famous) address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


You know Adam Schiff writes screenplays . Per Wikipedia.


“The New Yorker reported in 2018 that “Schiff has been writing screenplays on the side for years”, including a murder mystery, a post-Holocaust story, and a spy drama.[112] “

Nancy M Parker


Cherl Harrell

Between Bonespurs and Limbough’s cyst on his butt, there has to be something. I just can’t think of it. This is rich fodder for comedy and farce.

Nancy M Parker

I have always believed that The Manchurian Candidate was the most applicable to him. And that ain’t funny.