The Losing Fight That Trump Just Can’t Quit


If you have a weak stomach, you might want to avoid Trump’s Twitter feed for a while, because it’s about to get bloody. Trump’s Department of Justice announced today that they won’t be filing charges or prosecuting former FBI Director Andrew McCabe. This follows the quiet announcement a few months ago that there will be no charges brought against McCabe’s former boss, James Comey either.

This is going to get ugly quickly. For months now, it has been a standard part of Trump’s rally speech to not only opine, but to demand that “criminal” characters like Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Stzrok and Page be tried and imprisoned for their treason. But the fact that Trump’s own Justice Department keeps having to publicly have to decline to charge or prosecute these cases only undercuts his claims.

But it isn’t going to stop. In fact, it’s only going to get worse as far as I can see. Because this is a fight that Trump can’t quit, simply because it goes to the core of his very being. When looking at Trump, and his reaction to the entire Trump-Russia investigation, you have to keep two things in mind. When it comes to Donald Trump, there are two absolutes, his omnipotence is absolute, and his thirst for payback in unquenchable.

Trump has been impeached, and there isn’t a damn thing he can ever do to change that fact.His impotence to strike back at this outrage almost paralyzes him. Not only is he the third president to be impeached, but the first to have a member of his own party vote to convict him. And since he can’t change it, and it’s hard to sell it as an exoneration, he has to distract from it.

Now, the Russia investigation is different. In the Russia investigation, Trump actually turned a clear victory into a -palpable defeat. And right now, he’s trying to take that palpable defeat and turn it into a total debacle. And because he’s Trump, and his dignity has been personally dented, he just can’t stop digging the hole deeper.

Look what happened in the Russia investigation. After an exhaustive 20 month investigation, Robert Mueller did two things. He declined to opine on whether the President had committed crimes, since the standing DOJ policy prohibited charging a sitting president, and out of an abundance of caution, he declined to recommend that congress begin impeachment hearings on the matter. Game over. Exoneration, take a victory lap and move on.

Except that Trump can’t do that. He can’t do that because his superiority was questioned, his power and authority were questioned, and his perceived honor was impugned. Exoneration isn’t enough for a man like Trump, he needs vindication, but most importantly, he needs retribution.

And when Trump wants retribution, retribution is what he’s going to get. After all, why else would he install his own personal Roy Cohn to make sure his every whim is satisfied. Comey fucked with him, McCabe fucked with him, Brennan fucked with him, Stzrok fucked with him, Page fucked with him. And when somebody fucks with Trump, he fucks back ten times harder. All he has to do is to make his hysterical accusations, and the prosecutions follow. After all, it’s not like there’s a rule of law or anything in this country.

But Trump has a problem. It’s a co-equal branch of government called the judiciary. And as much as His Lowness may want to cobble up bogus retaliatory charges against these people, and as much as Barr would love to do it for him, they still have to create a case that will stand up in court. And the courts, even judges appointed by Trump himself, have shown an almost arrogant glee in tossing his lame ass lawsuits and executive orders out of court. Filing trumped up charges only to have them thrown out of court would only lead to the conclusion that the government was dabbling in politically motivated retribution prosecutions. Fer Crissakes, the Inspector General held a two year investigation into the origins of the Russia investigation, and deemed them proper. But now, Trump’s personal tool has his own personal tool trotting the globe looking for Waldo like dirt.

With the Mueller Russia investigation, Trump has finally found his own personal Vietnam. His ego and his personal psyche will not allow him to let this matter drop without sufficient retribution against those who fucked with him, and retribution is the one thing he can’t get, even with his own hand picked puppets. The battle will go on, both within and outside of his mind, and as the defeats continue to pile up, his outrage will only continue to grow.Only 9 more months to election day.

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Tin woman1

And Lt Col Vindeman isn’t going to be investigated by the military either.


Nothing will happen with Vindman, either. Thankfully. Trump is probably apoplectic. This
fake acquittal isn’t as awesome as he thought it was going to be.


Bill Palmer called it on the acquittal: the last bit of good news Trump is going to get for the rest of the year.

Cherl Harrell

He keeps getting reality checks, but refuses to see them.


The lesson can be repeated ad infinitium until it sinks in.


He doesn’t know payback, Murf. He’s never been on the receiving end of it…but he will. And if we can’t get him legally or politically, the hunt gets turned on his family, his cronies, his businesses, his legacy and anything else he values. May that thought give him cold sweats.


Yet he STILL doesn’t get it!

Carroll Ann Robinson

Well Murf, have to say this was brilliant–perfect use of scatology to make your point: this guy is hopeless. Been saying this since he “won” illegally: he will implode. Not a psychiatrist, but I do know my history, and all of these nut jobs at some point overreach. In his case, I think it will be spectacularly awful, so glaring and vile, that even the sycophantic Greek chorus that is the Republican party won’t be able to ignore it. Or if they try, their own constituents won’t.