Roger Stone’s lawyers are claiming “significant bias” on the part of the jury forewoman and on that basis have moved for a new trial. The alleged bias that is known at this time is that the forewoman has made Facebook posts critical of Donald Trump and so apparently that is being conflated as desire to do a hit job on any and all Trump allies and cronies. Interesting angle. U.S. prosecutors have until Tuesday to respond — assuming there are any available. Washington Post:

Defense attorneys for Roger Stone demanded a new trial Friday, one day after President Trump suggested that the forewoman in his friend’s case had “significant bias.” The legal motion could delay Stone’s Feb. 20 sentencing date on charges of witness tampering and lying to Congress. […]

 “Now it looks like the fore person in the jury, in the Roger Stone case, had significant bias,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Thursday, in a week in which his public comments have set off a crisis of confidence in the Justice Department. “Add that to everything else, and this is not looking good for the ‘Justice’ Department.”

Trump was referring to Tomeka Hart, a former president of the Memphis City Schools Board of Commissioners and unsuccessful Democratic candidate for Congress. Hart has identified herself as the forewoman of the jury in a Facebook post, saying she “can’t keep quiet any longer” in the wake of the Justice Department move to reduce its sentencing recommendation for Stone from the seven-to-nine years recommended by front-line prosecutors.

Apparently the fact that Hart is a Democrat and a politically active enough one to run for Congress is now being used against her to prove bias. This is conjecture on my part, I haven’t read this — yet. But I’ve been interpreting the tweets and tea leaves of Donald Trump long enough to know that he sees everything in simplistic tribal terms. Moreover, there’s an interesting fact to be observed here, and not for the first time: Trump tweets Thursday and Friday a motion for a new trial takes place. Presidential tweet is now the law of the land.

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10 Comments on "Roger Stone Demands New Trial Because Of Juror Bias"

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Oh of course. This was always going to be the next ploy.


Demand all you effing like, you whiny-ass punk. After insulting the judge in your case so many times with your BS, you BETTER pray that a) she doesn’t flip you the middle finger by giving you the max and b) Donnie Boy is actually good for that pardon you think he owes you. Oh and c) that neither New York state nor the people you’ve been in business pull something Trump can’t save you from.

p j evans

They knew that when she was seated as a juror. They didn’t object when they had the opportunity.

Cherl Harrell

Precisely that. I think that is the big reason the judge will not entertain this.

Nancy M Parker

I thought he already demanded a new trial and got shot down. How many times can he pull this.


Oh, it’s always something , now it’s juror Bias . Next it will be something is wrong with the Judge or the lawyers, Blah Blah Blah…… You can just look at Roger Stone and tell he’s a Crack-pot-nut !