If the senate acquittal vote didn’t convince you that the GOP is committed to serving Donald Trump’s personal interests above the constitution, then feast your eyes on the following tweet, where Trump openly congratulates Bill Barr for being his consigliere and taking charge of matters which affect his friends and cronies — like the enforcer in any dictatorship would do, right?

Sherrod Brown had an interesting take on Trump’s GOP enablers who assured us all that Trump had learned his lesson from impeachment. He told the senate,“It’s pretty clear the president of the United States did learn a lesson. The lesson he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. He can abuse his office and will never, ever be held accountable by this Senate. That was the lesson.”

Brown spoke of Trump’s “retribution tour” and also chastened the senators who applauded Trump’s post-acquittal White House address, wherein he rambled about his enemies.

“Many of you were in the audience and applauded him as he personally attacked people who have served this country. We cannot give him a permanent license to turn the presidency and the executive branch into his own personal vengeance operation. You know it’s happening.”

Republicans know it’s happening, sure, and apparently they’re just fine with it, because they keep devoting all their energies to aiding and abetting Trump in his quest for more power. No matter what he does, or how egregious, they protect him, at the expense of our institutions. Power is all the GOP has ever understood. The bottom line is that if the Republicans can’t stay in power democratically, they will dispense with democracy. It’s really as simple as that.


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And to prove it, election security was again shot down in flames.


Has anyone read the Atlantiç article about trump inc’s plan for enhanced misdirection and tweet memes to steal the election..

It’s chilling. I am concerned and would love to discuss it to figure how to counteract it: