Donald Trump was in New Hampshire Monday and when he wasn’t leading a “Lock Her Up!” chant against Nancy Pelosi, he was talking about his vanity project wall on the Mexican border. Trump assured one and all present that “redemption money” was going to finance the construction of his dream project. CNN:

“You do know who’s paying for the wall, don’t you? Redemption. From illegal aliens that are coming in,” he said. “The redemption money is paying for the wall.”
Facts FirstExperts on immigration policy told CNN they had no idea what the term “redemption money” means. Trump is paying for the wall with a combination of US taxpayer money Congress has allocated to the project and funding he is diverting from the military.
“I don’t know what the President means by redemptions. I have never heard the word used in this context before,” said Stephen Yale-Loehr, a professor of immigration law practice at Cornell University. “In any event, the President is wrong. Money appropriated by Congress and money diverted from the Department of Defense is paying for construction of the wall, not immigrants.”
Four Migration Policy Institute researchers focused on the United States have also never “heard of the use of the term ‘redemption’ in the immigration context,” said Michelle Mittelstadt, the think tank’s communications director.
It’s been opined that maybe this is one of Trump’s classic malapropisms and he’s talking about “remittances” which is money that immigrants send back to people in their countries of origin. Back in 2016 Trump had threatened to “impound all remittance money from illegal wages” until Mexico paid for the wall. So maybe that’s his plan. But as we speak, money has been redirected from the military budget and that’s that.
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Tin woman1

Remittance or redemption, there’s no difference in dementia.

dana fairfield

Trump supporters will tell you he meant remittance money. Still not true or even feasible.

Denis Elliott
My first thought was to have someone print out the dictionary definition of redemption for Trump to read – then I of course realized he doesn’t read anything that long! Hell, complete sentences are involved. I also can’t think of any picture with the word that would get the point across to him. Ok, so there are drawings of Jesus with people but Trump wouldn’t realize it was Jesus tending to the needy who believed in God – he’d just see a hippie looking dude being nice to “loser” poor people. Even if he did realize it was Jesus, well… Read more »