The Department of Justice is illustrating an old adage, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. And here we go with another whistle blower complaint. This one is a bit complicated, but just read through the back story and you’ll find yourself with your jaw dropped open. Reuters is reporting that

A U.S. Justice Department anti-human trafficking grant program is facing internal complaints, after two nonprofits were denied funding in favor of two less established groups whose applications were not recommended by career DOJ officials.

The less established groups were, however, helmed by people sympathetic to Donald Trump and his supporters’ agenda, and that is how they leap frogged over more qualified applicants. This triggered a whistle blower complaint. The DOJ’s employee union filed a complaint with the DOJ’s Inspector General — this is Michael Atkinson, who Trump wants to get rid of — alleging that the Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Palm Beach and Chicanos Por La Casa were in line to be awarded grants to work on the issue of human trafficking. They had been approved for the grants by outside contractors hired to impartially review applications and award the most deserving applicants.

But instead of these two groups getting the grants, Hookers for Jesus in Nevada and the Lincoln Tubman Foundation in South Carolina, who were deemed less qualified, got the grants instead. This will all make sense to you when you find out who is running interference for these two groups. First, the two deserving groups were denied funding because they’re on the wrong side of the political fence.

Chicanos Por La Causa has opposed the Trump administration’s immigration policies. The head of Catholic Charities in Palm Beach has participated in past Democratic National Committees as a delegate or standing committee member. Both groups said they filed strong applications and intended to continue competing for grants.

These are the groups who got the funding. Send in the clowns.

Hookers for Jesus, which received $530,190 over three years, is run by a born-again Christian trafficking survivor who has lobbied against decriminalizing prostitution, a policy position aligning with many in the Republican Party. […]

The Lincoln Tubman Foundation, awarded $549,345 over three years, was launched by the daughter of a prominent local Republican who supported President Donald Trump as a delegate at the 2016 convention and is close to South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott. […]

Reviewers cited the Lincoln Tubman Foundation’s lack of experience. The task force is still in its “infancy” with “little to no experience,” they wrote.

“I knew those were some of our weakest points,” [Foundation’s head Brooke] Burris said. Formed in 2018, the foundation is headquartered in a mansion owned by her parents, but she said she is looking for new office space. Meantime, she said she has been fielding calls at all hours to help adult trafficking victims find hotels.

Excuse me while I take a brief time out to roll on the floor and scream with laughter……………There I feel better now. Tim Scott got one of his crony’s daughter’s over half a million in grant money to take care of human trafficking victims and she runs this, ahem, “assistance program” — out of her parents mansion? While she’s “looking for new office space?” Now this is a piece of social engineering if ever I saw one. Forget about going down into the urban jungle where these things take place, like the other angels of mercy, just stay at home in the mansion and good ole boy Tim Scott, friend to Daddy and Donald Trump will get you the cash to set up a very cushy little at-home business, tax free. What will they think of next?

This is appalling. Usually, when there is a whistle blower complaint, it is to report something appalling — as we have seen. And the other grant recipient, Hookers for Jesus, isn’t quite as blatant, or hilarious, a scam, but it is bad as well.

The funding was not renewed in 2018 after the state obtained Hookers for Jesus program manuals saying it was “mandatory” for guests of the group’s shelter, Destiny House, to attend services and volunteer at a specific church. Its staff training manual said homosexuality is immoral and abusing drugs for pleasure is “witchcraft.” Reuters obtained the manuals through a public records request.

One Nevada grant reviewer in 2018 questioned whether Hookers for Jesus treated victims like “prisoners,” while another observed the program seemed too controlling and expressed concern it forced victims to attend Bible study, the grant review documents show.

“We felt their policies were not victim-focused or evidence based,” said Kelsey McCann-Navarro, whose office in Nevada’s Division of Child and Family Services decided not to renew the funding.

Why should it be victim-focused, when in fact it is grant recipient focused? This is called looting the public coffers under the guise of appearing to do good works. In the case of both of these grant recipients, they were Tier 2 candidates, not Tier 1 and they failed to adequately prove that they deserved grant money. Yet, they were approved, via cronyism, nevertheless.

This is the rot that is inside our government right now, friends. This is something you’re going to see a lot more of. This is Trumpism personified.

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Hookers for Jesus, trading one form of slavery for another.
But in Trumpland it’s all about hooking up your buddies.

Tin woman1

corruption, personified.

dana fairfield
Running a nonprofit out of her parents’ mansion sounds cost effective to me, and, without other information, irrelevant to whether the group should be awarded a grant or not. Perhaps there was a political component to the revocation of grant funding to the Tier 1 non-profits. I am glad the possible discrepancy was reported. Depending on the funding criteria (which is not specified in the Reuter’s article), Tier 2 could indeed be very close to Tier 1. We would need to see the RFP (Request for Proposal) as well. The question raise in the Reuter’s article about the reviewers’ expertise… Read more »
chris whitley

Well it sounds to me like a situation where it’s not who you know, it’s who you blow.


Someone must be making a list of all this extensive, pervasive corruption, and publishing it somewhere.

I wonder what volume number we are up to?

Denis Elliott

As Yoda would put it: “Deep and complete the corruption in the Republican Party become.”

elna benoit

Barr has officially joined the “Hookers for tRump” cult.

Sean O'Brien

Anyone who would wear socks like that with a suit is obviously a ne’r-do-well. Lord Peter Wimsey wore socks like that as part of portraying an unsavory character while pursuing a case. QED. 😉

Alexander Freeman

So did anybo6report this to the FBI. An the police or detective unit? Since you know the foundation get to the news agency asap but make sure the FBI must be contacted. Also have proof

Alexander Freeman

Did anybody contact the FBI or the detectives unit? Make sure u have proof an also contact news reporter