The Media Needs To Step It Up


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I’ll be blunt, the media is really starting to Piss. Me. Off! First they sit there and opine solemnly about how this is the most critical election of our lifetime, and then, there they go, as frothy as a cappuccino, chasing some insubstantial piece of fluff all over hell’s half acre again.

I wanna get me a t-shirt that says I’m with Carville. I love James Carville, personally I think that It’s the economy, stupid! are the greatest political words ever spoken. Carville spent the weekend on a self righteous rant that brought tears of joy to my eyes. First, he went of on the Democrats themselves for getting sidetracked chasing rabbits down holes instead of taking care of business. He did everything but beg them to stick to the issues that resonate. I said the same thing last week, begging Democratic down ticket candidates to leave Trump to the presidential nominee, and stick with the issues that got them elected in the first place.

And then Carville hit a bulls eye near and dear to my own heart. He ripped the media, especially the alleged liberal media, for their nonsensical coverage of Trump. How many times have I said, kicking and screaming, that there aren’t enough fucking Trump supporters to get him reelected?!? Even GOP strategist Rick Wilson says bluntly that Trump can’t win reelection, but the Democrats can certainly hand it to him. Carville jumped the media’s shit about continuing to cover Trump like he has this sleeping colossus behind him, that if awakened will roll over everything in its path. That’s pure, unadulterated bullshit, and Carville called it out for what it was.

And now the media is pissing me off even more. It’s a funny thing about a primary. If you have, like five candidates, it’s pretty well guaranteed that each of them are going to have supporters, that’s why they’re candidates, people like them. And they’ll go right on being candidates until not enough people like them anymore. That’s how it goes.

We just came out of a cluster fuck caucus in Iowa, and the voters are just today going to the polls in New Hampshire. And yet for the last couple of days, on both CNN and MSNBC, on almost an hourly basis, I have seen and heard squeaky voiced, hand wringing, hair pulling near panic as somebody frets over which of these candidates can unite the party!

Are you kidding me?!? Before the second vote tally is even counted? Here’s a news flash for the media. Fuckin’ fuggedaboudit! The real score is this. The Democratic party is already united behind one candidate. And that candidate is Donald John Trump! 73% of Democratic and independent voters still insist that their number one priority in a candidate is anybody who can fucking beat Trump! It really is that simple! Folks, you can’t get much more united than that.

Normally, Democratic voters fall in love with a candidate, go in, and pull a lever. This time, they’re all sitting around wringing their hands, like they’re on The Bachelorette, terrified that they’ll make the wrong choice, and everybody will think that they’re an idiot. I wrote the other day that the Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic party said that he felt that if turnout was down, it wasn’t because of a lack of Democratic and independent voter enthusiasm, it’s because voters don’t want to get bogged down in the mechanics of the primaries with so many choices. Their basic attitude seems to be, Just pick somebody already, and I’ll vote for them, as long as their name isn’t Trump! And to me. this sounds spot ion.

The media is trying to set this up as a rerun of 2016, and it’s not. In 2016 you had a Democratic candidate in Hillary Clinton, for whom a sizable swath of the Democratic base refused to vote, which led to a protracted and bitter primary against Sanders. ‘and when election day came, those voters stayed home, mainly because Trump was a 3rd rate rodeo clown whom nobody gave a chance. But now we’ve had a 3 year national nightmare, and everybody is locked and focused again.

So please, everybody, take a deep breath and relax. Media, if you please, stop covering Trump as some kind of mythical juggernaut that it’s going to take a Miracle on the Marne to beat, because he’s not. And voters, do your homework, a little due diligence, pick a candidate, and support them. But remain flexible enough to support the eventual nominee. Remember, The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Right now we’ve got a shitload of friends, and Trump’s only friend is Vlad the Imp. Stay focused, stay united, and get out the vote.

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Tin woman1

I ignore all of the sideshow. I watched/read the news on the impeachment fake trial to learn the names that count in history. But ignore the opinions on candidates. I have my favorite and support how I can. And I will support anyone on the ticket that isn’t orange. And win.

frank c barone

Absolutely on the money. We are united and that should be our message. The rest is really fine-tuning and really isn’t debating anymore. The big change will be truth, justice and the democratic-american way without the daily nagging BS of Trump and the corrupt Trump admin.
Can we clarify the media message that Dems are united and after fine-tuning the UNITED FRONT-candidate we are united behind will soon emerge and everyone can then push ahead the ticket past Trump to stop this ongoing nightmare. That really is what most of american wants and needs now!

p j evans

they want ratings ( which are $$$$), and that means they need a “horse race”.

Cynthia Feaster
I agree with you in terms of your comments about the media. They have covered the Democratic Caucus and Primary in Iowa and New Hampshire respectively, like horse races. I do not like all the UNDESERVED attention that has gone to mayorpete. He is new to the national political landscape and has NOT proven himself in even as much as a statewide election. Yet the media acts as if he is some kind of brilliant golden child, when it is obvious at least to Black voters, that he is not. I’m sorry to say, but it’s all very racist. (Sen.Corey… Read more »
Denis Elliott
Ordinarily the past couple of days I’d have spent my time with my butt planted in front of the TV from dawn into the wee hours taking in every bit of coverage. I’m still watching more than I should, but I’m as pissed off as you are about the coverage. The media wants this down to one or two candidates to cover (for the rest of the primary season) like fucking a month ago! Poor little babies are just beside themselves because they can’t just ALL sit in their studios and engage in prediction after prediction – the vast majority… Read more »

Well said.
We need to remember two things: one, there are not enough Republican voters to elect trump without help (and some republicans will not vote for him again), and two, there are not enough Democrats to elect a Democrat
without independent voters and/or crossovers (meaning do not try for far left progressive politico when the survival of the country is at risk).
It always comes down to the few true unaffiliated. Which is why new Hampshire is of interest, as it has some.