The Bloomberg “Lesson”


Hey, I just saw video of Mike Bloomberg out on the campaign trail the other day, and man, he looked great! OK, that’s bullshit, just kidding. I don’t think anybody has actually spotted Bloomberg on the campaign trail since his announcement. He seems to have a novel approach to campaigning, sit around in his underwear all day and cut seven  digit checks.

Say what you will, but if a measly $300 million can buy you 15% love, knockez vous your sockies off, Mike. What the hell, it’s a better return on investment than Trump gets with porn stars, right? And also. so far none of your closest aides and confidants have been indicted yet, so that’s one on the positive side of the ledger for you.

There are a couple of things about Bloomberg’s position in the polls that need to be pointed out here. First of all, Bloomberg is carpet bombing the airwaves in Super Tuesday states and beyond, places where nobody else is even up and running yet. And as I said earlier, when pollsters start asking questions, a certain percentage of the population will respond with the first name that pops into their head. And after spending $300 million, Bloomberg’s name is popping into a lot of heads these days.

Second, and to my mind even more important, at the moment Nike Bloomberg is a blank canvas. Bloomberg has done few if any events, does almost no television interviews, and has taken part in no debates. Since he’s working so far out in the calendar, neither Trump nor the Democrats have touched him yet. But Bloomberg carries a ton of baggage, and once we start the run up to Super Tuesday and beyond, and the Democratic candidates start engaging Bloomberg more directly, it will be interesting to see what happens to his poll numbers.

Still, Bloomberg is resonating, at least to some extent, and that can’t be ignored. Here’s a perfect example. A poll released yesterday showed that Biden’s support in the African American community had dropped from 48% to 27%, and Bloomberg’s support had shot up to 22%. Really? The Imperial Grand Wizard of stop and frisk, and 22% of the black community is ready to let bygones be bygones, grab a six string, and start singing Kumbaya with him? There has to be a reason for that.

There is, and here it is. At the moment, Mike Bloomberg is the only Democratic candidate that is directly attacking Donald Trump. His newest ad is a masterpiece, and it’s going viral. In the spot, the ad plays inspirational speech segments from past presidents like JFK, LBJ, Reagan, George W. Bush, and Obama. And in between those segments, are spliced in segments of His Lowness walking about grabbing women by the pussies, and wanting to beat the shit out of somebody. The tag line at the end is Make America Presidential Again! It’s nice to know that at least Bloomberg is not squandering his money.

And this is the lesson that the Democratic candidates need to learn from Michael Bloomberg, and the earlier they learn it, the better off they’re going to be. I keep hammering away at people the simple statistic that 73% of Democratic and independent voters #1 priority in a candidate is one that van beat Donald Trump in November. And right now, Michael Bloomberg is the only fucking Democratic candidate that is tackling Trump head on!

Guys, look. Y’all been at this our there on the campaign trail for over a year now. Voters should know your healthcare proposals better than they know their own health insurance. If they ain’t got your policy proposals after more than a year, and closing on a dozen debates, they aren’t listening. I’m not saying to drop your inspirational ads, especially not in your initial entries to new primary markets, but you really, really need to spice it up a bit with some ads that whack Der Gropinfuror across the chops. If nothing else, it makes it at least look like you’re confident enough to go to battle with the little scumbag.

And no, I’m not suggesting that you dive into the wallow and roll around with Trump. You don’t have to. One of the raps on Joe Biden was that he can be a gaffe machine. Well, Traitor Tot is a fully automated obscenity factory, and it’s running 24/7 shifts. Just pull out some of Trumpenstein’s Greatest Shits from the cabinet, string them together, and splice in your own reminders of how there are actually decent people out there who can run the country. The beauty of Bloomberg is that even if he drops out, all he has to do is to remove his name logo from the back end, and his Super Pac can run his ads for whomever the nominee ends up being, and they’ll still be every bit as effective.

So please, I implore you guys and gals, live a little. Take a walk on the wild side. It’ll feel good to finally engage the real enemy. You can even work it into your stump speeches, give them a little zing. Something like, Did you see what happened at the president’s rally last night? The crowd was chanting “lock her up!” at the Speaker of the House, who actually did her constitutional duty. They should have shouted that about the GOP Senators who let him off of the hook instead. If that doesn’t get you your loudest applause line of the night, then you’re doing something wrong.

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frank c barone

absolutely Joe. It’s not like we don’t have the material to blow him out of the water. The corruption is so flagrant, all one has to do is joke about it to get our messages across. We provide responsible and decent democratic leadership. We are the answer to this ongoing nightmare.
We have to call out the Trump-GOP crimes and hate as often as we do the policies. It is this message that will attract votes.

Cynthia Feaster
I wish that the Democratic candidates, their surrogates and campaign staff would read and follow the advice given in your articles- seriously! I don’t even watch the “debates’ or “town halls.” There is no point. All the Democrats do is attack each other over silliness, over talk each other if they can, act stressed and jumpy because they are all trying to get a “break out” moment that lasts for maybe two days. Go figure. Meanwhile people (especially pundits & the media) are acting as if Bloomberg is really a viable candidate because he is buying access to the Democratic… Read more »

Thank you for this first hand information. Here in Mississippi I have seen several Op Eds by blacks here who seem to be pushing his candidacy. What the hell is going on? I would never vote for him because he was a Republican. I mean what the hell. He just came out to destroy Warren and Sanders.


On the other hand, if he doesn’t win a significant number of delegates and keeps pumping money into the anti-Trump ads, fine. Of course as long as he is a candidate he gets tv ads for a lot less than if they were paid for by a PAC.


Mike Bloomberg is providing covering fire for the eventual nominee of the Dems. Do recall how none of his ads attack any of his fellow primary opponents (not even Bernie, who frankly deserves it) and Trump is so focused on him that he forgets everybody but Uncle Joe. Add in his pledge to keep ads running after the primaries, regardless of outcome, and we’ve got an unlikely but important ally.

dana fairfield

Democrats need to climb off the pendulum. Merely being rich is not disqualifying. It is not bad or wrong to accept donation from wealthy donors. What is bad is the wealthy donor thinking his money buys personal political favors rather thinking his money expresses support for the candidate the donor deems best for America as a whole. Bloomberg is not “buying” the presidency just because he is rich. If Bloomberg becomes the nominee, I will happily vote for him.


I noticed the same thing, and unfortunately I don’t see any of the Dem candidates having enough balls to go at Trump and win.

Murf, the only real problem with the current candidates who are actually out there campaigning among the people, rather than “sitting around in his underwear all day and cutting seven digit checks” (granted–I took a liberty there for grammatical reasons) is that having the campaigning folks just do nothing but attack Trump lets Trump and the rest of the GOP sycophants RIGHTFULLY claim that “the Democrats have no real message”–and, believe me, that would simply wind up being used against whichever candidate does make it out of primary season. Sure, that Democrat (or, in Sanders’ case, Democrat-for-a-Year) could run ads… Read more »