The Roger Stone sentencing matter is careening into the ugly zone of dirty politics, and fast.

It can be reasonably inferred that Zelinsky is not happy with the sentencing guidelines being questioned, and that was predicted earlier in the day when the Washington Post stated that career prosecutors were going to see this as a slap in the face.

John Dean, of Watergate reknown, says that there’s no question but that Trump’s middle of the night tweet played a role in the DOJ’s decision to revisit the matter, and this quickly. Raw Story:

“And I must say, to put the cards on the table, Roger Stone is somebody I hold in minimum high esteem to put it nicely,” Dean said. “In fact, I can’t even say on television my assessment of him, so I was not unhappy to see him get seven to nine.”

He noted that he did think it was too aggressive, comparing it to the Watergate precedent.

“The most egregious and least cooperative and most belligerent figure was Gordon Liddy, who is someone that Stone admires greatly,” Dean recalled. “He only got four years in prison, but his sentence was commuted by Jimmy Carter when it got to that point. The chief of staff Bob Haldeman, John Ehrlichman, his top domestic adviser, all committed perjury in front of Congress and obstructed justice. They only got 18 months so seven to nine years was very hefty.”

He went on to say that it’s clear Bill Barr is having a huge influence, even though the judge in the case is the one who will get the final decision.

And the Judge, if you recollect, Amy Berman Jackson, is the one that Stone depicted on Instagram with rifle cross-hairs near her head.

But maybe Trump will pardon Stone anyway. We’re going to find out soon.

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6 Comments on "Prosecutor in Roger Stone Case Withdraws Apparently Refusing To Be Part Of DOJ Shenanigans"

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Zelinsky is just saying what we’re all thinking: this is BS. And he’s not going to wait around to get fired by Trump and Co. Glad Dean mentioned how the judge makes the final call on sentencing. He could have also mentioned New York state charges thanks to Stone maintaining a second residence there.


Thank you KGGOP. 45 thinks he rules and the law means nothing.

dana fairfield
If this were normal corruption, then I understand all the resignations. However, if honorable people continue to self-purge rather than fight, it only helps Trump and his collaborators, the GOP, consolidate power. anyone who has watched the development of a dictatorship, regardless of political stripe of the dictator, sees strong parallels. For example, Barr announced the DOJ seeks to maintain an “open door” for information. All well and good, unless, as we have seen, the information is damaging to Trump. It is similar to Mao’s “Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom” campaign. From Wikipedia, “Observers differ as to whether Mao was… Read more »

I can’t wait until trump’s tweets hold no sway and are largely ignored.

chris whitley

Well it will save trump a pardon if he “Fixes” the trial. Of course I am pretty sure the judge ie not a trumper. That could make a difference, maybe!

p j evans

Holy effing shit, all four of the original USAs on this quit. One left DOJ completely.