Another day, another egregiously uninformed comment by Donald Trump. Now he’s fantasizing that the coronavirus is fine, just fine, and it will be gone by spring, due to “the heat.” Just FYI, the temperature in April in northern China is 46 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, and that is scarcely a climate one would expect to burn out any virus, let alone a virus of which almost nothing is known. In short, Trump’s talking out his a$$, just to have something to say, while people are dying.

Experts in the field don’t think that Trump is right, surprise, surprise. CNN:

It would be reckless to assume that things will quiet down in spring and summer,” said Dr. Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas.
“We don’t really understand the basis of seasonality, and of course we know we absolutely nothing about this particular virus,” Hotez said.
“His hope is our hope,” said Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, referring to Trump’s tweets. “But we don’t have knowledge that it will do that.”
Trump can’t be bothered to deal seriously with the coronavirus because it won’t put money in his pocket, is the bottom line. The only things that get Trump’s attention are if he can profit from something or get more famous from it. Otherwise, it is a bore and a topic of disinterest, to be blown off. Which is exactly what he did here. Every other leader on the planet is concerned about the pandemic threat that the coronavirus poses, except for this one.
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13 Comments on "Trump Declares ‘Heat’ Will ‘Kill’ Coronavirus, While Experts Claim They Know Nothing At All"

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I do not know when, but I believe Trump will have some sort of health related event soon. He is getting worse every week. I don’t know much longer this can be covered up.


Bloomberg’s new ads have to increase his stress level.

Cherl Harrell

The Bloomberg tweets are pretty cool, too. I imagine they are making his day.


They’re adding to my stress level. I literally cannot watch a YouTube video without a Bloomberg ad first.

Meg Corrigan

Gosh, I hope so!

William Bockemuehl

We, as a free people,just need to keep the heat on Trump and try to burn THAT virus out!

Meg Corrigan


Alice in Wonder

“We’re doing a lot of things that are good including waste and fraud. Tremendous waste and tremendous fraud.”
See – he admits it.

Nancy M Parker

Frame it! An actual true Trump statement! It could become a collector’s item, it’s so rare!

p j evans

I guess Himself has never had a cold in summer.

dana fairfield

Someone should explain to Trump the difference between correlation and causation.


Climate scientist Trump believes global warming is a Chinese hoax, now virologist Trump says summer will kill the virus. A very stable genius indeed.

Denis Elliott
I’m not a health care professional, or even a biologist but I do have a background in natural resource conservation, both amateur growing up as a hunter & angler who recognized the importance of wildlife habitat (preservation) and even working for a national conservation group for a while, albeit almost thirty years ago. Here’s what I know. Animals and insects can carry viruses, both as hosts and by being in contact with humans/animals that have a virus or being in places where it can get on them – just like humans transfer viruses from contact with each other, or even… Read more »