This is either a troll or it is as deliberately tasteless as the pea coat with “I Don’t Really Care Do U?” stenciled on the back. Since when is the People’s House the President’s House? Although it’s not surprising in the burgeoning dictatorship which we know as the Trump administration. In fact, the only surprise is that the structure isn’t being referred to as the MAGA King’s castle.

Only Melania would think of something tacky like embossing a bowling ball. But cheer up. Maybe the Trumps will move on from “the president’s house” to the “Big House.” Wouldn’t that be nice? And seriously, I doubt if Melania has ever heard the term “the People’s House” because they don’t talk about that stuff in fashion magazines.


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12 Comments on "Melania Renames White House ‘The President’s House’ Forget About People’s House"

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Tin woman1

Yes. I don’t care much for her taste at all. Beginning with her choice of husbands.

William Bockemuehl

There have been some foreign women willing to do what American ones would not.

Marry Trump.


Well, Ivana, at least, recognized “the Donald” for what he is/was/always has been: A means to an end.

William Bockemuehl

The big white building just shows up so much better than the true Presidents House.
The skinny one with a crescent moon cut into the door.

Denis Elliott
I wonder how many times a week Trump pisses and moans about not being able to plaster his name in gold letters on OUR White House? He of course wants to do a naming rights deal – only unlike where some corporation pays a fortune for naming rights to some sports stadium Trump’s version of naming rights means charging an insane amount for the “privilege” of having his name plastered on some building! (Which he then “manages” as in siphon money out of properly maintaining it and putting that money in his pocket) IOW sure as I’m writing this Trump… Read more »

He has now decided, by Executive Order, that he will determine the Architectural Guidelines of future government buildings. Yes this is true. Tacky and garish are the new design it would seem.

Alice in Wonder

I’m waiting for them to cover the WH in gold leaf.


I just submitted a query to Snopes regarding the bowling balls at “The Whites House.” No reply yet.

chris whitley

You got that all wrong you immigrated wannabe. The White House belongs to the American people. We allow our president to stay there for the convenience of being in place for meetings with foreign dignitaries and other business people. We ain’t going to let some white trash wannabe dictator that can’t win an election on his own. The only way trump can win at anything is to cheat.