Susan Collins hilariously opined that Donald Trump learned from his acquittal — and actually she’s right. What he “learned” is that he can get away with anything and nobody is going to stop him — certainly not the corrupt GOP who put him where he is and who keep him there, despite the fact that to do so is selling democracy down the drain. So it’s pins and needles time in Washington, D.C. right now, wondering who Trump is going to lash out against next. And make no mistake, Trump is after both revenge and making an example of his victims, so others won’t cross him in the future.

Alexander Vindman is a profile in courage. The GOP senators, with the sole exception of Mitt Romney, are profiles in cowardice. That’s the real tragedy of this. It stands to reason that one day a nut could get elected president, but for 52 senators to go along with his insanity is the real problem. It’s the death of checks and balances. The framers assumed that we were decent moral people, and with respect to this iteration of the GOP they unfortunately assumed wrong.


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4 Comments on "Trump’s Got ‘Lifelong Get Out Of Jail Free Card’ says national security analyst"

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p j evans

And with Barr being the guy who signs off on all investigations of presidential candidates – and their campaign finances – you KNOW Himself is going to get a lifetime pass.

dana fairfield

“The framers assumed that we were decent moral people.” This is one reason so many laws were written without including specific explicit penalties for violation. With Trump, if a law has no specific explicit penalty, the law does not exist. Nothing in his experience to this very day has challenged his worldview.


This life long pass is only in effect until we elect a democratic president.


It’s not even life-long, it’s only ‘get out of jail free’ til the end of his presidency.