Twitter moves at the speed of light and so does Trumpite outrage. Even though their savior is about to get acquitted this afternoon, the fact that one lone Republican — so far — has declared that he will vote to convict Trump on the first article of impeachment, abuse of power, has enraged Trump’s base. If there was any doubt in your mind that the GOP is now the Cult of Trump, and any defection will be sorely punished, erase that thought right now.

#MittRomneyIsMyHero is also trending. Trump, by the way, canceled a press pool that he was going to hold on impeachment when he got wind of the Romney vote. Here’s what the senator said on Fox News. Heresy, pure heresy.

So much for Trump’s “total vindication” argument.

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8 Comments on "Romney Kicks Hornet’s Nest Voting To Convict Trump, Then He Goes On Fox News"

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p j evans

Dear Judson: there is no recall for federal officials.


This went better than I’d hoped.
My fear was that (DINO) Joe Manchin and possibly Lady Di (Feinstein) would flip on the Dems allowing Tangerine Nixon to crow bipartisan vindication.
Now go for the kill-shot, rebuke the motherf**ker.