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If Apple has proven anything, it’s that “new and improved” isn’t always

I’ll admit it, I’m exhausted, and I’d be surprised if Ursula isn’t too. The last 4 months have been a roller coaster, and as anybody who has ridden one can tell you, it can be heart stopping and insane, especially if you’re trying to describe it to somebody else on your cell phone while you’re going up and down and all around. But as anyone who has ridden one can also tell you, when you pull back into the station and get off, your head can be spinning, and your legs wobbly. I for one am more than ready to get back to some of the more pastoral, banal stupidity of Santa Trump and his demented elves.

Trump’s impeachment is now officially over. Period. Full stop. But in every day that goes forward, whatever future Trump outrages, excesses, and atrocities come with them, increasingly the daily focus will center more and more on the Democratic primaries, and the 2020 general election. Even Trump’s never ending bullshit will be looked at more for it’s impact in November, and less for its own brain numbing stupidity.

Cast your mind back two years to 2018. In 2018, Donald Trump’s name wasn’t even on the ballot, but the crazy bastard did everything in his power to stick it there, even going so far in his own rallies as well as rallies for vulnerable incumbents to say, My name isn’t on the ballot this year, but in a way it is. Because your vote this year is a vote for me, and for my leadership. Geez, ego much? And what did the Democratic candidates do? They ignored the shit out of Trump! They wouldn’t even use his name. Instead, they talked about healthcare, infrastructure, lower drug costs, affordable college, better schools, every kitchen table issue they could think of. They had meet-and-greets, held town halls, knocked on doors, and out fund raised entrenched GOP incumbents. And they flipped 40 GOP held seats, and made hanging the impeachment anchor around Trump’s neck possible.

You want to win the White House in 2020? Ignore. Donald. Trump. That’s not your job.Whether it’s Buttigieg, Warren, Biden, Klobuchar, or Sanders, it’s going to be their job to tackle Trump while presenting a positive, forward looking agenda. Let Trump keep his attention focused on his own opponent, and let then concentrate on him. Y’all stick to your own knitting and take care of business. Talk up all of your accomplishments, the bills passed, the battles won, and slam the GOP Senate for their inactivity. That’s the secret to success, and here’s why.

Donald Trump has already shown that he has shorter political coattails than any politician I’ve ever seen. Jesus, his political coattails don’t even cover his paunch!  Normally, a popular presidential candidate can increase the down ballot votes. But time and time again, in 2018, and in the special and off year elections in 2019, Trumpista after Trumpista had his full support, as well as personal appearances, and got their heads handed to them. And where did they get said heads handed to them? In the normally GOP strongholds of suburban soccer moms, who are fed up with President Gropy-feely. And His Lowness is highly unlikely to say or do anything in the next nine months to turn them back into supporters again.

But the hidden beauty of it is that it can work both ways. Let’s just say that the Democrats end up with a totally acceptable, but less than inspiration candidate, say a Biden or a Warren. That’s OK. Because as long as the down ballot candidates for Senate and the House are connecting with their voters, energizing them and driving them to the polls to vote for them, then the support coattails that they provide will seep up the ballot and help to carry the presidential candidate across the finish line.

The math is actually quite simple. In 2016 Hillary Clinton beat Trump by 3 million popular votes. In 2018, riding a wave of populist and grassroots enthusiasm, the Democrats doubled that number, topping the Republicans nationwide by 9 million votes. The simple fact of the matter is that there aren’t enough Republicans out there to reelect Trump, not if the Democrats can energize and turn out not only their own base and independents, but especially if the Democrats can motivate and turn out the crossover GOP suburban votes that fueled the tsunami of 2018.

So, in the words of Paul Simon, I’ll repeat myself,at the risk of being crude. If you want to make Trump a four act play in November, instead of an eight act opera, let the Presidential candidate hammer Trump on national issues, and let the statewide candidates hammer home the local issues. Because one political axiom that Trump hasn’t killed off yet is ALL politics is local. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and it ran like a Swiss watch.

To know the future, look to the past.before the insanity of the 2020 election, relive the insanity of the 2016 GOP primary campaign, and the general election, to see how we got to where we are. Copies of  President Evil, and the sequel, President Evil II, A Clodwork Orange  are available as e-books on Amazon, at the links above. Catch up before the upcoming release of the third book in the trilogy, President Evil III: All The Presidents Fen

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Denis Elliott
I like where you’re coming from with this. I would however note something I saw David Frum say on Ari Melber’s show. Normally I’ve got no use for Frum but this time what he said struck a chord: He challenged the assumption that Impeachment is over. To me he put it as kind of a question as to whether it’s really over and much as I hate to admit it he’s got a point. There is Bolton’s book, more emails & documents coming out due to FOIA requests and of course Trump himself. He might have stuck to his script… Read more »
Cynthia Feaster
No matter what, I am voting for BIDEN!!! He has the support of Democrats who VOTE in REGULAR elections and not in some archaic caucus in the cold small distant north lands. Biden won’t win New Hampshire or Iowa but so what. Are people really trying to assert that ALL important voters live in two remote states in the North? What about New York? California? South Carolina? Illinois? Americans who vote Democratic live in every state. BIDEN will WIN in many of those states. Bernie and Mayorpete, who obviously ONLY appeal to small segments of white people in two remote… Read more »