The nightmare began on June 16, 2015. when Donald Trump came down his escalator to the gilded lobby of his beloved tower on Fifth Avenue to announce his candidacy for the Republican Party’s nomination for president.

The World tilted off its axis that day. More than half America felt the shift.

Little did we know that that opening scene would be the perfect metaphor for what was to come: A low and ugly campaign that defined deviancy down in presidential politics by playing on fear, lies, racism, xenophobia, misogyny and a disdain for anyone not white, straight, Christian, able-bodied and male.

Americans know now, he didn’t bring his best or his finest. He brought waves of lies, corruption, deceit, derogation of our constitution, rules of laws, and weakening our democracy. He has destroyed our standing across the globe, and in doing so has made the world question our greatness.

They say everyone is attracted  to each  other by a certain scent, a whiff of a strange odor that attracts or repels people to you. That scent was around Donald Trump from the beginning, like a stinking cloud spreading over the American sky, darkening the United States in a webbed veil of disgust or rapture depending how you your brain connected to that scent.

Most of American people sat up like a dogs, sniffing the air, not sure of what they were smelling, knowing it was like the sulfur smell of rotten eggs, or the foul odor of a rotting corpse starting to decompose.

Other Americans were intoxicated and inhaled his strange scent like drunks while doing endless lines of cocaine, putting them on a rolling celebratory high on a train headed off a cliff. They didn’t care, they sat on this train decked out in their MAGA red Party hats taking in the distorted sites like fun-house mirrors with an odd  blind denial of truth and facts.

Today I woke up and felt the earth shift again, this time violently trying to rearrange itself back on its axis. The air smells putrid  and the dark veil across America is being spread like a poisonous gas enveloping the American people. Truth and facts do matter.

The Media, the CIA, the FBI and our Judicial system are “NOT THE ENEMY!” They are our saviors of American democracy, rule of law and our American way of life, bringing us back a moral compass we have lost under this corrupt  lying, charlatan of a man.

When a person gets indicted or is under investigation this is not on a whim, a witch hunt, or a democratic scam. It takes endless amounts of collaborating evidence like emails, documents, phone conversations, text messages and collaborating witnesses, Layers upon layers of truth and facts.

I don’t how long a certain part of America will take to detox. How long they will allow themselves to remained handcuffs to a rotting corpse. Time will only tell.

And now with Trump, His Attorney General and the GOP lying and gas lighting the American people about the true facts of the Mueller report, the train has left the track!

Most of the GOP have NOT even read the report!

They are trashing our Judicial system and rules of law so not to let the true facts about his taxes, Mueller report and any other documents that would surely prove to the Congress and the American people just how corrupt this administration has been!

If Trump and his Attorney General really believe that he has done nothing wrong there would be dump trucks lined up outside of Congress with provable facts that would exonerate him. There is NOT. Only Obstruction, after obstruction from this corrupt administration.

Over 1000 former prosecutors. BOTH REPUBLICANS and DEMOCRATS have read the Mueller report and said there is overwhelming evidence to prosecute this president for obstruction of justice!

We are in a constitution crisis now, it’s time to quit being blue or red, Republicans or democrats. it’s time to stand up as Americans.

I know it’s said that the economy is better under Trump, but history has showed us the economy always changes, up or down with all presidents. President Bill Clinton was No. 1. It still is, having strengthened the most during his years in office, 1993 to 2001. President Barack Obama, who took office in 2009 during the worst recession since the Great Depression, left in 2017 after the second-biggest improvement. President Ronald Reagan is No. 3 (1981-1989), followed by Presidents George H.W. Bush (1989-1993) and Jimmy Carter (1977-1981). Trump ranks number 6.

The fact is under this president we have the largest national dept America has ever had. All economist agree we are ready for a major crash.

This President, long ago showed us and told us who he is.

He’s “Gas lighting” America once again on the Mexico trade deal A Politico report added, “A person familiar with the negotiations under former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen confirmed New York Times reporting that much of what Mexico agreed to do this week was already on track months ago.”

Oh. So, Trump wants us to believe he extracted historic concessions through his hardball negotiating tactics, which, as it turns out, isn’t at all what happened.

In fact, by some measures, the White House’s new line is largely backwards: all the American president has to show for his efforts are a few measures that aren’t expected to make much of a difference, and which Mexico had already agreed to implement.

All of which suggests Trump was apparently bluffing – again!

What he is not bluffing about is taking help from a hostel foreign government in the 2020 upcoming election.

If this doesn’t frighten you to your core then you need to read the Constitution of the United States and reevaluate your term of America and what Democracy means!

It’s time for Trump Supporters and the GOP to take off their “Loyalty” blinders and really look at this pathetic, corrupt, lying little excuse for not just a man but the President of the United States!

The world is watching!

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I feel like I have cracked the Enigma machine today. The main paper in Mississippi has been using old fashioned censorship in the comments section of their online opinion section. They suck up mine and most other’s comments for moderation and then publish them weeks later if they post them at all. Of course I have to post these long dissertations because I have a lot to say and it makes me happy to get it off my chest. In other words I have been ineffective. Well, a few days ago I tried a different tack. I post one sentence… Read more »

WELL DONE, YOU! Here’s another possible:
Impeachment did not “disenfranchise” Trump’s 60 million voters; the electoral college disenfranchised HRC’s 63 million!

Denis Elliott
The world HAS been watching. Not this most recent time but the year before when Trump stood in front of the U.N. General Assembly and spoke one of his typical bullshit lies they quite literally laughed in his face. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The rest of the world wondered what had happened to the United States when Bush 43 was re-elected in 2004 given the disaster he wrought. They were willing to give us a second chance given two terms of Obama, but Bush was our “Mulligan” and our allies will never fully trust us… Read more »

Yes. The only way we might counter the fact of potential Republican deceit is to beat them into the dust and then point out to our European friends that they too have had plenty of fascist fun the last few years.


Perhaps it is simply that the rot at the core of human nature has just caught up to North America finally as it encircles the globe. Surely there do not seem to be “better angels” in many humans these days, here and everywhere.

chris whitley

I know where I would stick that crown. And it ain’t on his head. When I seen that this moron got elected I said I don’t think America will survive and it looks like I was right. It’s crumbling daily with this fat turd in our White House. He is the side of the family you pray never visits. They are like cockroaches that burrow into the woodwork. First thing you will have to do is tent the White House to fumigate it so you know they are all gone.