It is speculated that Mitch McConnell engineered the Susan Collins vote for witnesses in order to help her secure her endangered senate seat. That is what McConnell does for a living, is secure the senate for the GOP. We will probably never know for sure. Without engaging in conspiracy theory, one can speculate, however, that it was a good ploy on either McConnell’s or Collins’ part, because it was known that Murkowski was going to fold and therefore Collins had the luxury of appearing to be the forthright senator, the seeker of truth, country over party, all that.

One of Collins’ Maine constituents who isn’t buying it for a minute is Stephen King, who has apparently reached the end of his tether with the senator he described as “wishy washy” only a few short weeks ago.

#SidekickSue is a hash tag that started trending right after the vote. It was clever on McConnell and Collins’ part, to have her vote in favor of witnesses, and it makes total sense now that Murkowski told reporters she needed to review her notes and sleep on it, so that there was a short time frame overnight where Collins could attempt to mend fences with her constituents.

But it doesn’t look like it’s worked out with some Maine voters, at least.

Stephen King also announced earlier in the impeachment process that he would do everything in his power to remove Rep. Jared Golden, who only voted for one of the articles of impeachment in the House. I say great. Hats off to King, we should all be so committed and get so involved with the political process. Kudos.

And there’s one last thing King needs to do.


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5 Comments on "Stephen King Chants ‘Susan Collins Has To Go’ So Long Sidekick Sue"

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Tin woman1

I like Stephan King’s politics.

p j evans

A lot of people already knew that they vote the way Mitch tells them to vote – and if they’re voting against him, it’s because he’s got the votes he needs.

elna benoit

Notice how it is the WOMEN that are played by the Republicans. That’s because the Republicans find all women to be dispensable. They would rather have the party consist entirely of white male racists and religionists. So when it comes to risk they will always hide behind a woman and use her as a human shield. That’s the GOP (Groveling Over Putin) way.