Don’t Underestimate The Effects Of This Impeachment


So Donald Trump isn’t going to be removed from office, so what? We knew that from the start. But as the impeachment trial finally winds down to its inevitable conclusion, don’t assess it on the surface. Remember, a hurricane looks terrible from the air, but the real devastation only becomes apparent once you start to dig.

This impeachment trial has turned out to be far worse than McConnell could have dreaded it would be. The problem for McConnell was that while he could to a large extent control the outcome, and even the process, what he couldn’t control was the Democrats.At some point McConnell had to allow the Democrats to put on their case, and when that happened, he lost control of the narrative. His biggest setback was handed to him by his own caucus, when they forced him to have three days of presentations for each side instead of two.The Democrats case was devastating. Not only did they cross every t and dot every i, they hammered every nail and locked every latch. They put together a spectacular montage of times and dates, places and names, testimony and documents, and did it in a way that kept people watching. Best of all, the Democrats laid out their case always eager to point out how a normal person would see, understand, and respond to something, and then and then hammer home the totally illogical Republican responses and explanations.

Even with a competent legal defense team, this was going to be a hard case for the Trump lawyers to try. But the pathetically incompetent ragtag crew that Trump threw together was pathetic. From day one they were clearly unprepared, which is bad enough, but by words and innuendo, they made it clear why they were so unprepared. They didn’t need to be prepared because the fix was already in. Jay Sekulow’s faux outrage was ridiculous, as were his insults, and the fraud charlatan Alan Dershowitz was so unhinged, even unlettered slobs like me were scratching their heads and saying Wait a minute. Didn’t he just argue both sides of the same issue there?

If you look past the actual, day-to-day mechanics of the impeachment trial, and read and listen to the broader subject of the impeachment itself, the public attitude towards the Democrats is slowly changing. Much like the disastrous roll out of the ACA, when the Democrats decided to go ahead with the impeachment, they had a bucket of shit dumped on their heads. Public opinion wasn’t with them, and the move was seen as purely political, an act of spite when the Mueller investigation came a cropper.

But then the hearings started. Witnesses began to be called, evidence and documents were displayed, testimony was compelling. And every time you looked, the Democrats were trying to show the facts, and the GOP was clapping their hands over their ears and saying na-na-na, we  can’t hear you! Suddenly, public support for the hearings began to rise, as did support for an actual impeachment itself. Those numbers continued to climb throughout the lead up to, and the trial itself, and suddenly the Democrats were out of the foam and spray, and riding in the curl.

Remember this. As of late this week, 72% of Americans wanted witnesses and documents produced at the trial. 71% admit that Trump broke the law. And in a recent poll, 50% want His Lowness removed from office, with only 42% wanting him to hang around until November. This is the miracle of public opinion that has been wrought by the Democratic impeachment of Trump. And if you read and listen a little more broadly. more and more you are reading op-ed columnists, and hearing political commentators starting to actually laud the Democrats for raking a selfless, unpopular, potentially politically devastating stand in favor of the constitution and the rule of law, and comparing it to the craven cowardice of the GOP. All this 9 months short of election day.

But look, throw all of that shit away, OK? Just disregard everything I’ve said above. This impeachment and trial has been even more devastating to one man, President Donald John Trump. Donald Trump is a delusional, self obsessed narcissist with a God complex. Donald Trump has spent his entire life living failure free, simply because he refuses to acknowledge any failure, ever. Donald Trump is never wrong, and nobody fucking tells Donald Trump no!

Until now. Follow the chronology here. Trump was unable to stop the blue tsunami of 2018 that led to his current downfall. Trump was unable to stop the committee hearings. He was unable to stop the creation of the formal impeachment inquiry. He was unable to stop the televised hearings. He was unable to stop the testimony, the documents, the facts as they rolled in on a daily basis. He was unable to stop the subpoenas, and he was unable to stop the court losses over those subpoenas. He was unable to stop the vote recommending formal articles of impeachment. He was unable to stop those articles of impeachment from being written and approved. He was unable to stop those articles of impeachment from being sent over to the Senate, and even with his own personal Fleet enema, Mitch McConnell, he was unable to stop the trial from taking place. And worst of all for Trump, he has been unable to stop the slide in his poll numbers on everything regarding the impeachment.

Even in the best of times, Donald Trump’s mind is a dark and turbulent place to be. I know, I’ve been a regular visitor for 6 freakin’ years now. And these are not the best of times. Trump can con himself that he’s the best President ever. He can con himself that it was a perfect call, and that the Democrats are just being whiny beyotches because they’re so jealous of his perfection. But what he can’t con is the looks in the eyes of his GOP Senators when they look at him. And he can’t con the way he sees them still holding tight to him for his voters, but holding their noses about the whole impeachment debacle. And he won’t be able to con the mass protests I see coming after the vote. Because he knows. Somewhere in a far off corner of Trump’s tortured brain is a tiny truth bone. And right now, that bone is aching like a rotting tooth, and there’s nothing that Trump can do to stop it.

So please, when the final party line vote comes in on Wednesday, take it in stride, we always knew that this was coming. But cheer up, because it’s far from over. The impeachment may finally be in the rear view mirror, and Trump may take his ill gotten victory lap, but it’s far from over. After all, there’s still John Bolton and his book, Lev Parnas and his audio and videos, and his receipts and records, and of course, the upcoming indictment of Nosferatu. If this all goes down the way I think it will, it will, it won’t be very far in the future before Trump is literally begging for the good old days of impeachment. Hang in there, the best is yet to come.

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yep I think your right. The best is yet to come.

Denis Elliott
Best as in electoral landslide for Democrats perhaps, but there is worse to come in the meantime. Much worse. Animals are most dangerous when wounded and cornered and human beings, despite our believing ourselves to be so highly evolved are in fact animals. Trump is petty, and viciously vindictive under the best of circumstances and his pronouncements aside he knows damn well he’s not been experiencing the best of circumstances. He’s also used to losing in court and while he might have tossed some money around up in NYC (where state & federal prosecutors have always had so much to… Read more »

Presuming there WILL be the elections in November. He and his minions may pull “Hitler” in 1933 Germany and cancel the elections. It seems unplausable today, but by October it might very well be normalized.

p j evans

What’s really funny is the senate GOP tweeting about all the witnesses and docs…which they had zero to do with and were trying to keep out of the public eye.


I hope that you are right. I really want you to be. The prospect of living in a fascist country with traitortrump the fake-king as vputin’s surrogate is terrifying.


do remember, however, that Fox did not air the House managers, only the Republican response. So a lot of people never even saw the facts presented.


Just pull their license because of false programming, they were NOT showing a trial in progress, like they must have said here’s some more of the ongoing circus, mixed into regular hours of programming so they could cut away at will, something should be charged to their shameless bias … in order for the POTUS to be able to tweet disdain for the Democrat manager’s comments, I wonder which fake news channel he watched instead of FOX …


Thank you for this. I’ve been so depressed and worried about what’s next. You have given me a ray of hope.