Lamar Alexander’s statement was unconstitutional. And so is Alexander


I’m mot kidding in my title. Lamar Alexander’s statement last night was blatantly unconstitutional, and as a result, he must be recused by Chief Justice John Roberts from the Trump impeachment trial. And Chief Justice Roberts needs to individually poll each Senator, and if they agree with Alexander, then they must be recused from service as well.

What did Senator Lamar Alexander say last night in his statement that was so onerous? Let’s just paraphrase it for simplicity sake, shall we? Basically what Alexander said was I don’t need to hear from any more witnesses, and I don’t need to see any more proof, because I’ve made up my mind, Trump is guilty of abuse of power. He’s as guilty as original sin. But there’s an election coming up nine months from now, so I’m not going to stick my neck out, Fuck that, let the sheeple decide his fate.

To put it bluntly, bull-fucking-shit! I’ve served on a jury or two in my time, and they’re pretty fucking black and white. If you’re a juror, your choices are guilty or not guilty for a criminal trial, and plaintiff or defendant for a civil trial. That’s the oath that you take, to decide the trial purely ion the basis of the facts laid before you. Neither the law, nor the judge, nor your oath allows you the latitude to say, I think he’s as guilty as shit, but he could kick my ass, so I’m gonna punt this one to the people he fucked up to decide what to do with him.

That’s what Lamar Alexander is saying, along with who only knows how many other GOP furors in the trial of Donald Trump. And not only is it a direct violation of his oath to uphold and protect the laws and the constitution of the United states, but it is a direct violation of his oath that Chief Justice John Roberts administered at the start of the trial that he would decide the case fairly, on the basis only of the facts. Those oaths requires that Lamar Alexander vote to convict Donald John Trump of abuse of power, and acquit him of obstruction of congress.

In fact, there is a legal term for what Lamar Alexander is trying to pull and it’s called fucking jury nullification! In jury nullification, jurors come to a verdict that they know is unfounded based on the evidence that was presented to them, but they come to that verdict anyway. Jury nullification was big back during the Jim Crow era, when a white lawyer defending a bunch of racist white assholes for lynching a black man would argue to the jury, So what? So what if you think that maybe the defendant did it? So what if maybe the evidence pretty well proves that the defendant did it? It”s still just a dead black man, and the defendant is a God fearing white man wit fine family, so it’s no harm, no foul. Hack Attorney Johnny Cochran actually tried to slyly argue jury nullification in the OJ Simpson trial, by pointing out how unfair it would be to convict such a popular and beloved figure, regardless of what the evidence showed.

That’s exactly what Lamar Alexander is trying to pull here. Alexander has already said that he thinks that Trump is as guilty as shit, that the prosecution and the House managers proved that Trump is as guilty as shit, but Lamar Alexander is not willing to put up with the heat of voting to convict Donald Trump as being as guilty as shit./, so he’s going to fob the ultimate responsibility to the voters. And Lamar Alexander is far from the only GOP Senator availing himself of that chickenshit cop out. And in doing so, the Trump impeachment trial is putting a permanent black eye on the American judicial system, because the GOP Senate is proving that if you’re rich and powerful, your standard of justice is different from everybody else’s. Don’t forget that come November.

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Lamar is trying the impossible: thread the needle by acknowledging the crimes but saying that it’s not up to him. The example of Pontius Pilate seems apropos here. I left a voicemail after he made that statement and I capped it off with “go to hell!” My home state was further shamed and degraded by his moral cowardice.

p j evans

Like the rest of the GOP-T, he sounds like he’s forgotten everything he learned about the Constitution and US government all the way back to about fourth grade. (His statement would have gotten him a large red F from my eighth-grade teacher.)


How about Rubio he said the same thing would Roberts have to decide that if it was brought out?