John Bolton is well named, if you stop to think about it. Since last Sunday when he appeared on the scene with excerpts from his tell-all book, he’s been raining down lightning bolts, one on top of another on Donald Trump and his crooked White House cabal. The intercession of Bolton changed the impeachment narrative from a done deal on the part of Mitch McConnell to the anything goes spot where we find ourselves now, with two Republican senators voting in favor of witnesses and evidence. Today we find out that one of the conversations in “the room where it happened” was between Donald Trump, Mick Mulvaney, Pat Cippolone, Rudy Giuliani and Bolton. New York Times:

Mr. Trump told Mr. Bolton to call Volodymyr Zelensky, who had recently won election as president of Ukraine, to ensure Mr. Zelensky would meet with Mr. Giuliani, who was planning a trip to Ukraine to discuss the investigations that the president sought, in Mr. Bolton’s account. Mr. Bolton never made the call, he wrote.

The previously undisclosed directive that Mr. Bolton describes would be the earliest known instance of Mr. Trump seeking to harness the power of the United States government to advance his pressure campaign against Ukraine, as he later did on the July call with Mr. Zelensky that triggered a whistle-blower complaint and impeachment proceedings. House Democrats have accused him of abusing his authority and are arguing their case before senators in the impeachment trial of Mr. Trump, whose lawyers have said he did nothing wrong.

The account in Mr. Bolton’s manuscript portrays the most senior White House advisers as early witnesses in the effort that they have sought to distance the president from. And disclosure of the meeting underscores the kind of information Democrats were looking for in seeking testimony from his top advisers in their impeachment investigation, including Mr. Bolton and Mr. Mulvaney, only to be blocked by the White House.

In a brief interview, Mr. Giuliani denied that the conversation took place and said those discussions with the president were always kept separate. He was adamant that Mr. Cipollone and Mr. Mulvaney were never involved in meetings related to Ukraine.

“It is absolutely, categorically untrue,” he said.

Maybe Rudy is right. But to be sure, one would want to depose Bolton, correct? And Mulvaney and of course America’s mayor, Mr. Noun Verb 9/11, to get the answers. And it wouldn’t be a bad idea at all to depose Pat Cippolone, who is getting pounded right now for his part in this, with lawyers citing the crime-fraud exception to attorney-client privilege.

This is getting out there. This is every bit as wild as the revelation two days ago that Giuliani sent Lindsey Graham a letter asking him to sanction a list of people that Giuliani had prepared, as part of his shadow government exercise in Ukraine.

Ukraine is the mother lode. And Bolton was spot on. “Giuliani’s a grenade that’s going to blow us all up.”


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And Bolton is the nuke. Boom.


This is why today’s non-news has me unfazed.


Well , before we get Cipollone to swear in , before he lies , again , in the senate chamber , this time under oath, we , most likely , will get another long winded sermon from Philbin on what he believes Cipollone might , or might not say under oath , and he’ll assumably , I’m sure , pass that off as Constitutionally acceptable testimony from a star witness for the pwesidunce defense .

p j evans

there was that letter seven House committee chairs sent to the Senate at the start of the trial, saying that Cipollone was a fact witness. They have to have had some evidence to back that up, and my guess is that at least one of the people in the room told them.


Cippolone: L E A D I N G the defense
And in the House Devin Nunes The House Ranking Member belittling sworn in wittnesses


(even though he was never given the opportunity !

Denis Elliott
A little before 1pm I had to head out to my PCP’s clinic for what turned out to be a frustratingly wasted trip. Turns out the nurse who’d called a couple of weeks ago and said I needed to have blood drawn was a “fill in” and made a mistake. Since my PCP doesn’t come in on Friday’s it took a long time to sort out. Anyway when I left the talking heads were chattering about a rumor that enough GOP Senators were scared of being seen as rushing things that they had prevailed on McConnell to adjourn proceedings until… Read more »

So you’re saying senior Republicans lied and continue to lie in their own self interest?

I’m shocked!, shocked, I say!