The Democrats Did Well. Too Well?


Alright Ma! I heard ya the first 3 times!   Every kid

When you’re using a lousy joke to set up your best joke, those moans and groans give you tingles, and the laughter from your best joke makes the moans and groans worthwhile. And when you want to incite the villagers to storm Trumpenstein’s castle, their anger and outrage is music to your ears.

And so, When Adam Schiff’s reference last night to a CBS News report about Trump talking about “Heads on pikes” last night, was greeted with an audible response, including a squeaky “Not true!” from Susan Collins, or one of the dozens of other female GOP Senators, it had to give him a rush.

That wasn’t the first time a Democrat had elicited a response from the Senate chamber over the last three days, just the most noticeable. Congressman Hakeem, Jeffries got some nice chuckles from the well of the Senate in response to his light hearted quip about baseball yesterday. And Schiff has repeatedly gotten non verbal responses when his oratory has soared, the quiet rustles of cloth, and soft squeaks pf bodies shifting, like the sound when you search through your coat pockets for something.

If you’re a Democratic case manager, those sounds are your version of a standing ovation. Because the Senate GOP caucus has spent the last year running from the truth like a kid running from his medicine before bedtime. It took the congressional version of sending them to a corner, but you finally have them trapped, and have their attention.

The Democrats did exactly what I had hoped they’d do in their three days of presentation. They laid the case out chronologically, and they buttressed their arguments with documents and witness testimony. They hit the same point from multiple angles, again providing different corroboration to tie Trump to the acts described. Basically, they nailed him to the wall. And the GOP Senators had to sit there and listen to it, with occasional prompts of patriotism and even shaming from the Democrats as they made their points.

But the question is, did the Democrats do the job too well? After all, McConnell had a damn good reason for wanting the initial presentations to take place before the Senate voted on witnesses and documents. And that was the hope and expectation that the thorough Democrats would provide an airtight case. Which was music to McConnell’s ears.

Look, the GOP is under the gun here. It has been reported that His Lowness wants this thing wrapped up by next Friday. If witnesses are approved and called on, there is no way that will happen. But it was the Democrats themselves that may have just provided the quislings in the GOP Senate their out to cast votes against calling witnesses.

Why do we need to call witnesses? The Democrats spent three days doing an incredibly effective job of laying out their case against Trump. They had documents of their own, and testimony to back up their contention. Why would we need to see or hear anything more will be the GOP’s lame ass excuse to keep America from getting a full and fair trial. As a point in fact, in the last twenty minutes, Iowa Senator Joni Ernst tweeted out something quite similar to my theoretical statement above, so the priming of the pump is already beginning.

And it might just work on the American public too. Those of them who are civic minded spent a good portion of the last three days watching the Democrats read the NY Times bestseller Impeachment For Dummies. They spent three days watching the Democrats tangle Trump up in the Ukraine scandal so completely he looks like a ball of yarn after your kitten is done with it. If, as expected, the Trump defense team spends the next three days insulting the intelligence of moles and lemmings, does trial fatigue set in? Does the public really want to tie up additional days hearing from Bolton and other miscreants? Or do they compare the two sides, decide that Trump is a guilty as original sin, and then have conniptions when the GOP Senate votes to cop him a walk.

Some are already speculating that Schiff’s “heads on pikes” comment, that sparked such faux outrage from the GOP may end up being an example they cite in why they voted against witnesses, Schiff went into the gutter. Personally, I found it gratuitous and unnecessary, but Schiff has taken every opportunity to prick at the consciences of the GOP throughout his presentation, and who am I to question his judgement.

You know, in a real trial, the prosecution wants to present their case in the most devastating and effective way possible, to ensure a conviction. Only in a sham McConnell kangaroo court can the prosecution need to leave gaping holes so that the jury asks for more information. Except that they don’t. They simply say that you had your chance, laid out your case, and it isn’t their job to get you the information you need to make your case. From the day that the voting schedule on witnesses and documents was rigged, this outcome was inevitable.

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Let the Republicans let Trump off. We just use it against all Republicans in all states. Too, better to have the devil we know than the one we don’t.

p j evans

Schiff was aware, like most of the rest of us, that they’re going to vote to acquit no matter what the House managers said and did. Getting the evidence out, and planting seeds of doubt, was their job, and they did it well.


I want to know why did we go into this if the out come is they will let him off and we will probably do this until election day and heaven help anyone getting in his way

rory darjiit

I mean…thinking to fifty years from now. The historical record Schiff and Pelosi are leaving is amazing.