Isn’t it fascinating how we have president* pussy-grabber in office, he who disparages people all day every day with sobriquets like “pencil neck” “fat Jerry” [Nadler] “crooked Hillary” and the like, yet Adam Schiff dares to repeat a line from a CBS News story and the gallery full of Republican senators falls out of their chairs? Suddenly, they are the most circumspect and demure people, and so easily shocked, oh my word. If hypocrisy were a radioactive element, the entire Republican party would be glowing in the dark and visible from outer space. The Hill:

Though senators are supposed to sit silently during an impeachment trial, Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), a crucial swing vote, could be seen looking to her colleagues next to her and shaking her head.
“That’s not true,” she said several times from her seat, loudly enough to be overheard from the Senate gallery.
Of course she did. The truth burns Susan Collins like holy water burns Dracula. And she wasn’t alone, of course. Oh no, there was plenty of sanctimony to go around, for everybody to wallow in faux outrage with.
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), also viewed as a potential swing vote, immediately knocked Schiff for his rhetoric, calling it “unnecessary.”
“That’s where he lost me,” Murkowski told reporters after the trial wrapped, adding that Schiff “overreached.” […]
But Republicans continued to verbally push back, with Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) overheard saying “no,” and Sen. Jim Risch (R-Idaho) overheard adding “that’s not true.”
Amid the verbal pushback, Schiff paused mid-sentence and turned toward the Republican side of the room, adding, “I hope it’s not true. I hope it’s not true.”
And it gets better, still. The Republican caucus found the remark “insulting and demeaning.” They don’t feel insulted and demeaned having a standard bearer who exalts tyrants, on the one hand, while disparaging our allies, calling them everything from “weak” shoe smugglers to deadbeats to rapists and drug dealers, on the other. Oh, no, that’s just fine. But Congressman Schiff repeats a line from a news story that’s been out all day and Katie bar the door, the Republicans’ tender sensibilities are outraged. What a bunch of phonies.

Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) said the remark was “one of the most remarkable moments.”

“That is completely totally false, and all of us were shaking our heads ‘like where did that story come from’ and Adam Schiff just kept saying it,” he said.

Lankford that “the whole room was visibly upset on our side of it. …That’s insulting and demeaning.”
Where oh where could a story like that have come from? We know that Donald Trump never would say anything like that. He’s too refined and genteel and has too great a regard for the feelings of others to say such a thing. Right.
It’s just one more example, as if one more was needed, that It’s Okay If You’re A Republican. Devin Nunes or Gym Jordan or Doug Collins can rant like madmen and proselytize conspiracy theories all day and that’s just fine. Matt Gaetz can take over the SCIF room and order pizza, no problem. But Adam Schiff repeats a line of a news story and it’s pearl clutching and fainting couch time, because Republicans can operate like the sewer rats that they are, slashing with fangs and claws, but for Democrats it’s Marquess de Queensbury rules all the way, or we’re declared out of bounds.
Good for Adam Schiff. The country’s best political columnist, Charlie Pierce, has compared Schiff’s performance this week to Daniel Webster. In his column at Esquire Thursday, Pierce talks about a remarkable speech Webster gave, in response to a South Carolina senator, just prior to secession. But what I am put in mind of, is the movie, The Devil and Daniel Webster, where the farmer has sold his soul to Satan and asks Webster to represent him in a trial to get it back. That’s pretty much how I would frame the contest that was the Senate impeachment trial this week. The soul of our nation is at stake, and Schiff beautifully articulated the prosecution’s case. Now it’s up to the Republican caucus to do the right thing, which they probably won’t.
They’re too busy dealing with side issues, including this new one, of being offended by the Congressman repeating a line from a news story — and they are worried about what revenge Trump might take on them, despite their ludicrous posturing of being free thinkers, accountable only to themselves. This trial in the senate is a mere exercise, and it’s really about the GOP following the party line to keep Trump in power, and the whole world knows it.
Pierce said, “…Congressman Adam Schiff of California was playing in the same league as Webster was 190 years ago next Monday—and spoke on constitutional matters as grave as the ones Webster was addressing.” Indeed that’s the case. Adam Schiff’s place in history is secure, he’s playing a straight game and he’s on the side of right. It will be interesting to see how the cowards in the Republican party account for themselves when this is over, and finally, what the American people decide to do about all of this in November. It always comes down to the ballot box. 2020 isn’t going to be an election between Republicans and Democrats, so much as it’s going to be a referendum on Good v. Evil.



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I suspect that Schiff just laid a trap for those Republican Senators and like the born suckers they are, they just took the bait. Schiff and his team went in knowing that acquittal was locked in. So you make your case to the American people AND make Trump’s enablers look as bad as possible. Mission accomplished on that…and I wonder if the Fruman recording is going to play a part in the followup. On a side note, The Devil And Daniel Webster started off as a novella by Stephen Vincent Genet, who adapted it for the screen himself. And the… Read more »

Well done.


It was brilliant to point out what the defense would say beforehand. Only those who followed Fox news for the last 3 days can cheer.

p j evans

Every day the GOP-T members of the Senate have had something to be “upset” about. But *nothing* will make them vote to acquit, even when it’s demonstrated right in front of them that Himself is a liar and a crook.


Those who vote against Trump may have their heads on a pike of Trump’s choosing. Those who to acquit, however, can expect their heads to be put on pikes of the voters’ choosing.

I didn’t want to wait for it. Here’s mine.comment image

There should be an investigation to discover if the source actually was from someone in the turtle’s office … McConnell is carrying the hottest load now, HAS to keep the vote from the GOP solid Trump support … or, after a couple eyewitness storms with documents, tell the REAL story, A lot of GOP Congress critters can pack their travel bags for home, because WE WILL be coming for them … then a smart, respectful come back from Schiff could say a certain someone in the GOP office of MMMitch, generated that two year old horrible threat in these terrorist… Read more »