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In America, all of us, both the mainstream media, as well as the rest of us goofs, have a real love-hate relationship with polling. When a poll agrees with us, it’s scientific proof of our mental superiority on an issue. And when a poll doesn’t agree with us, it’s nothing more than a “snapshot of a moment in time,” which is English means There’ll be a new poll out next week, and it’ll show that I’m right, and you’re stupid.

But what is a poll? A poll is a lot of things, but one thing that it isn’t is a fact. While the poll topic may be fact based, and while the questions may contain facts, the replies that the poll taker gets are anything but facts. The responses that a poll taker gets are nothing more than a bunch of opinions. Yours and mine. Which makes a poll a bunch of opinions broken down into groups. Nothing moire, nothing less.

And we Americans absolutely wubs us some opinions! Because we have freedom of thought, and freedom of speech, and freedom to opinions, hell, we got freedom to pretty much everything but leaving the toilet seat up, we Americans have opinions about everything! And they’re all ours. Yours and mine.

And you know the funny thing about our opinions? They almost never, ever change. Once we have them, they’re ours for good. Ask yourself this honest question, once you made your mind up about something, when is the last time you changed that opinion. If you’re being honest, I’m guessing not very often. I know I don’t.

The reason I bring all of this up, is that the Republicans have got some very serious problems right now, and I don’t know if they even know it. We all agree that polls are nothing more than opinions, right? Well, polling right now shows that 72% of Americans want witnesses and documents in a full and fair Senate trial. Not only that, but 71% of Americans say that Donald Trump broke the law. Since Trump’s popularity rating is currently in the low 40’s, this means that at least 15% of Trump’s supporters, while maybe being willing to cut him a pass, freely admit that he fucked up. And remember, opinions are incredibly stable things.

Here’s the GOP’s dream plan. Next Friday, the GOP Senate will vote to allow His Lowness to slither back underneath whatever rock he crawled out from under in the first place. And five minutes later, in the Senate hallways, GOP Senators are going to start talking about something else, hell anything else! Hell, do you realize that we’ve skipped 27 consecutive infrastructure weeks dealing with thus nonsense? This must cease! Because the GOP knows that starting one week from today, if they play their cards right, no pollsters will be asking Should Donald Trump be impeached? Should Donald Trump be removed from office? Do you believe that Donald Trump broke the law? Those questions are now moot, the issue is settled. Problem solved.

Except no, probably not. We have an emotional attachment to our opinions. Just because a particular question stops being asked, and we don’t think about it anymore, doesn’t mean that those opinions disappear, like the morning mist over a lake when the sun hits it. Oh, no, they’re still there. They’re over in that corner in our minds back there, sitting around smoking cigars and playing poker, like those velvet paintings of dogs Trump supporters have on their walls. But they’re there, and like the minutemen, ready to be called on at any time.

Between now and November, what do you think that the chances are that the Democratic candidate will say something like, And let me tell you about that impeachment, you remember that? We all know that Trump did it. Hell, at the time, 71% of you all agreed that he did it! That’s not just me making stuff up, polling at the time said that, not me! But because the Republican Senate was too scared of their own shadows to hold King Donald accountable, they shook their heads, waggled their fingers, and told him “Go thou and sin some more.” Your opinions were less important to them then their personal oath to King Donald. Well folks, this election is your chance to make your voice heard, and your opinion known. Think a Democratic Presidential candidate might say something like that? Hell, how about a Democratic challenger for one of those 20+ GOP Senate seats up for grabs. And when they do, what do you think the chances are that we’ll remember what we thought about this at the time?

We all have a precious little spot in our head for fond memories of things that went right. But I think that most of us, myself included have a much larger catalog of this that went wrong, against our own opinion, and pissed us off. We tend to have long memories for shit like that, and we’re as vindictive as hell. If the GOP honestly thinks that there will be no retribution down the road for this base treachery, Personally, I think that they’re sorely mistaken. But wadda I know? That’s just my opinion.

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p j evans

Himself has been impeached – that horse is out f the barn and down the road. We already know the GOP-T isn’t ever going to vote to convict, and without conviction he can’t be removed.
I wish they’d come right out and say that they want an absolute monarch, so we can overthrow the SOBs.