The Democrats Are On A Roll


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As I type this, and as you read it, remember one thing. The freakin’ trial hasn’t even started yet! As I type this, the two sides are still locked in a pissing contest as to the rules under which the upcoming trial will be waged. And already, the Democrats are already controlling both the media and the messaging.

Personally, as a small time blogger, on a small site, there’s nothing I like more tham people doing something I talked about them doing before they did it, it makes me feel all powerful and shit. And as I have watched portions of today’s tomfoolery unfold, things are working out better than I could have hoped for.

First of all, don’t let those party line votes get you like, all bummed out man. They’re right on schedule, and just what you should have expected. The Democrats had to push those amendments for witnesses and documents at the start, due to McConnell’s chicanery. McConnell couldn’t afford to let the votes go forward, for fear of forcing his caucus’s hand, so he optioned to table the votes until after opening arguments, when the GOP Senators are already signalling a willingness to vote for them. This is all parliamentary parlor tricks, and nothing that wasn’t to be expected, don’t sweat it.

But there are two things that have already happened that are giving me a great deal of confidence going forward. The first is that the Democrats are following the script that I wrote. Repeatedly in his arguments, Adam Schiff has referred directly to Donald Trump as a king, and called it an Imperial Presidency. This is something that needs to continue, at every available opportunity, in order to hammer the point home.But the second thing that I’ve noticed is even more important, and will have a long lasting effect as the trial goes on.

As I wrote previously, the Democrats are not holding this trial for the Republicans in the Senate, their minds are already made up. Instead, the are holding this trial to educate and influence the American people. And as such, they were going to have to find ways to keep the viewers of this trial engaged during the long days of the presentation of what may well be pretty dry evidence.

And they’re doing it, in spades! If you’ve been watching, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when I say it. It doesn’t matter which Democratic manager is speaking, the routine is always the same. The case manager starts to speak, and at various points, there suddenly appear e-mail, text messages, testimony clips, and the such.

I cannot emphasize enough how important this is. In our lives, we have all had to suffer through useless fools blathering away at length, and we all know how boring that can be. But when you break through the talking with video displays, even if you don’t stop talking, you distract the eye, and you keep the viewer involved. And because it’s something new, it tends to stick in your mind.

The Democrats have done this repeatedly throughout the day, and to great effect. The use of these props not only draw attention to them, and make them stick in the mind, but they also draw attention back to the speaker, making the person pay more attention to what’s being said.

Now, compare that to the presentations of the Republican case managers. They get, stand at the podium, and yak. I have yet to see a single slide of visual prop used by the GOP case managers to spice up their presentations. And as a lifelong stand up comic, I can tell you firsthand, once you lose the attention of the audience, it’s a motherfucker to get it back again.

If the Democrats are fine tuning their presentation for the opening arguments and introduction of evidence, then they’ve got a winning hand. The welcome distraction of visual effects is a welcome distraction that not only draws attention to the salient points, it also draws the listener back into the narrative that the speaker is weaving. And if the President’s defense team is going to do nothing but stand up there and jack-jaw, then they risk becoming largely forgettable, and inconsequential. As President Obama once said, paraphrased, Gentlemen, please proceed.

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I’ve only been watching since 9:00 pm eastern and I was first just pissed at McConnell, but quickly became impressed with the Democrats. They are the true patriots in this country right now. Well, all Democratic voters are patriots, but these House Managers are on the front lines right now.

Tin woman1

I’m enjoying it. Of course it helps that it just turned 9 pm in Ca.


Reading accounts of tonight’s proceedings, I’m reminded of the final trial sequence in the novel Aftershock by Andrew Vachss. The defense has been prepping for this trial for virtually the entire book. The prosecution, on the other hand, assumed an open and shut case and are comically underprepared. Our protagonist is amusingly merciless on that last point. A similar dynamic applies here.