Mitch McConnell has arranged the Impeachment trial process so that the Senate is not going to automatically allow the House to enter evidence into the trial record.

By his design, after a period for senators’ questions, the Senate will hold an up or down vote on whether to even allow witness subpoenas. If witnesses and document subpoenas are allowed…(fat chance) only then can the two sides make motions to issue subpoenas… which will also be subject to Senate votes. This is a pure bullshit obstacle that he alone has created out of pure evil  cloth.

McConnell has also shortened the time in which opening arguments may be given… to two Senate days per side. This is more total unfair bullshit to undermine any real truth-finding process.

TO BE CLEAR, these rules for the Senate’s impeachment trial of Donald Trump are designed to hide the facts of the case from the American people. These rules are not designed to discover the truth  in anything close to a fair way.

So, ladies and gentlemen of the United States, here is where we are at. It only required approximately three years of the likes of a Donald Trump, a William Barr and, of course, the aforementioned Mitch McConnell… the least likely trio in the history of petty hustlers or slick tricksters to pull off a heist of any sort… much less the hijacking of the entire working apparatus of the United States government…and to have pulled it off in plain sight with nary an effective peep from every governmental “checks and balances” agency/institution, every major media outlet, every social media platform, every highly resumed’, anti Trump organization from “Impeach Trump”, “Occupy Democrats, “Move “, etc… etc… to  every “Go fuck your selves…you scum sucking weak, “can’t bust a move if your life depends on it”…”far left or right wing fringe libertarian I told you so group”!

All of which means that some organized, effective protest marches in favor of a witness and evidenced based, fair process must be organized immediately. The demand should be an impartial, objective, fact bearing analysis for discovering the truths which a true democratic citizenry deserves. Without some immediate pressure creating protests, I think we are in some deep, deep shit. Right now, is as critical an existential point in our history as ever. Without taking to the streets…we have to wait until the November elections…and I’m just not feeling that optimistic if these slime bags prevail in the here and now.

The evidence is right there before us. It exists as plainly as even the noses on every red hatted, pin headed, anger distorted face.

So, what gives?? Can this greedy self-serving platform we call “elected office” be so corruptingly profitable, so seductively and easily obtainable and so thoroughly bountiful that our GOP elected officials will continue to suck up to the MAGA heads forever?  Because if it is the case that the majority of our duly elected, publicly entrusted representatives (of the GOP) are willing to sacrifice all of the principles that they were elected to preserve, we are at a point in our history where if we can not execute an unimpaired, fair election which can be trusted by a strong majority of our fair minded, civic minded, patriotic citizens…we have squandered away the most precious gift any nation in history has ever achieved or received. It is called FREEDOM!

That is what this very small group of evil doers are messing with. They are messing with our FREEDOM!

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That last tiny ember of hope will not be coaxed into any more blazing fires. Watching this foregone conclusion is depressing.