Moonshine is made at night, history is made at night, and now Senate cover ups join the list of the nocturnally manufactured. Maybe Mitch McConnell figures he’ll just wear everybody down, like Werner Ehrhard used to do at EST seminars, not letting anybody take bathroom breaks and disrupting their eating and sleeping patterns. Ehrhard did it as a control mechanism and McConnell is following suit with his two twelve-hour days, sixteen hours of questioning and four hours of deliberation. Witnesses will be deposed and then it will be decided which of the deposed witnesses should testify.

One thing makes sense about McConnell’s timing: his watch is set to Moscow time.

#MoscowMitch and “MidnightMitch have merged to a new hashtag “MidnightMoscowMitch. Here’s a peppy little version of Midnight In Moscow for you to listen to, music to watch impeachment by. You’re going to need to dance to something, to stay awake all night, so try this.


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9 Comments on "#MidnightMoscowMitch Trending As Senate Trial Burns Midnight Oil"

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Tin woman1

Yes, anything to distract his own,

Lil Blue Sock

Catering to the whims of the boss in Moscow while keeping the American people uninformed and in the dark…,.

….brings a whole new meaning to the term “Dark State”……

……I call it the mushroom treatment….keep ‘em in the dark and feed them sh!t.


Hey guys, I just had a dumb thought. Remember when Nadler pulled a fast one by Not having a vote at 0 dark thirty, when ‘normal’ people would be asleep and miss out on the GOP skullduggery in the middle of the night? What would be wrong with starting tomorrow at one o’clock per moscow mitch’s rule, then call a recess from 7pm until 7am, go til another recess at 7pm, finish up the Democrat’s 24 hours from 7am to 1pm? Nothing hidden in the dark of night! And the republiCONs can do whatever they want for their 24!


Unfortunately, Roberts wouldn’t be there to preside

dana fairfield

I think Roberts should temporarily rearrange the supreme court’s calendar.

Are all these BS moves purely MMMitch, or are they a product of the cigar smokers in the boiler room behind closed doors? My thought, begin a hammer job on MMMitch, personally, perhaps a censure or full fledged charge by Schiff and others? Lay out bizarre and unfair trial for Trump without proper public oversight so we can see how he has been so wrongly accused, all this stinks from the likes of Nunes and others, secondly, forcing ALL of Congress kritters/possible witnesses to abide by this incredible stupidity, means another obvious attempt at blockage of Constitutional Process and MMMitch… Read more »
p j evans

At least Mitch got the word from somewhere: three days for 24 hours of show trial. (I suspect Roberts refused to stay up half the night.)

dana fairfield

Supposedly, the impeachment trial starts at 1:00 pm everyday so Roberts can go to his other job at the Supreme court in the mornings. I can well imagine Roberts objected to, what with breaks and all, a twenty-hour work day.