The “Arrogance” Defense


Well, everything is now set. In a brief filing to the Senate today, Trump’s fumbling, bumbling defense team set out Trump’s defense for his upcoming trial. And in doing so, they presented the Democratic case managers with the single most compelling piece of evidence against Trump.

The defense as presented in the filing, and as I have no doubt will be presented verbatim by Trump’s third rate ambulance chasers, is simple, and you’ve heard it all before. Here’s how it goes; He did it. Even if it wasn’t smart, even if it wasn’t ethical, even if it wasn’t strictly speaking allowed under the current laws, he did it. And whatever it is, it still doesn’t rise to an impeachable offense. Not because her’s the President, but because he’s fucking Trump! So shut up and get over it already!

Go ahead, read it yourself. There really isn’t all that much legalese jargon thrown in there, just some gratuitous jabs at the Democrats. But at its heart, that’s what it really means, he can’t be impeached because he’s Trump, Lord of all he surveys.

And played properly, it hands the keys to the car to the Democrats. Here’s how you rally the American people to the just causer of impeachment. The Democrats don’t need to change a thing in their presentation, they just need to add one little thing. Make every single salient point about why Trump should be impeached, lay out every single piece of evidence, but for every point, refer directly back to Trump’s defense, and add two little words, something like this;

The constitution of the United States grants to the House alone the power of impeachment, but President Trump refuses to recognize this, because this is an Imperial Presidency!

The constitution gives to the House the power to call witnesses in an impeachment, and to compel such testimony with subpoena if needed, but President Trump has blocked witness testimony because this is an Imperial Presidency!

The constitution grants to the House the power to obtain documents from the Executive branch, by force of subpoena if necessary, and yet President Trump refuses to comply, because this is an Imperial Presidency!

Even the non partisan Government Accounting Office states in its decision that President Trump broke the law when he withheld the military aid from the Ukraine, but it doesn’t matter to President Trump or the Republicans, because this is an Imperial Presidency!

Time and time again, President Trump has violated his solemn oath of office to put the country’s best interest ahead of his own, but it doesn’t matter because this is an Imperial Presidency!

And let us not forget my friends and fellow citizens, the Founding Fathers specifically gave us the impeachment clause in order to protect this country from an Imperial Presidency!

This tactic is only available to the Democrat’s because of the almost insane arrogance and stupidity not only of Trump, but of his made for FOX TV lawyers. Trump’s native arrogance makes it impossible for him to allow even the slightest concession, and whether from spinelessness, or the same stupidity, his lawyers actually think that they can carry this off. Because of the GOP led United States Senate.

But while this trial may be in the US Senate, it isn’t for the US Senate, it’s for the American people. And that’s who the Democratic managers have to scare the holy living shit out of. How do you think that those good ol’ boys with their God, Guts and Guns Made America Great bumper stickers start to catch on to the fact that as much as they love him now, if he pisses them off, there’s mo way to get rid of him. How do you think those bible thumping twits are going to feel when they realize that once he finishes consolidating power, he can turn on them as quickly as he turns on everybody else. And how do you think that Ma and fucking Pa Kettle, of Coon’s Nest Idaho, are going to feel when they start to figure out that he can send their precious sons and daughters off to any old damn war he chooses, whenever he so damn chooses.

Look, His Lowness has  never had the majority of the country in his corner, he lost the popular vote by 3 million, with 46% of the vote. The job for the Democratic prosecutors is not to win over that ragtag bunch of lop ears who wander aimlessly around wearing MAGA hats, it’s to mobilize everybody else in the country out into the streets, day after day, to protest Trump’s blatant overreach and abuser of power.

Just like Vietnam. Because make no mistake about it, that bunch of subservient simpletons in the GOP Senate are dying to let Trump off the hook. But it isn’t really up to them, not when you get right down to it. It’s up to us. We did it before, with the Muslim ban, with the ACA vote, and with child separation, and we can do it again. And as much as Traitor Tot and Ditch fucking McConnell think they rule the roost, they actually answer to a higher power. We The People. It’s time to get them motivated again, before it’s too late.

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p j evans

They’re afraid, everyone in the WH and their lawyers, because they’ve seen the polls that say that a majority want Himself convicted and removed from office. They don’t even have a lot of support from the GOP-T for “not guilty”.