This is ridiculous but understandable, given the fact that it’s probably being done to placate Donald Trump, so he doesn’t start breaking television sets again. Fox News is reporting not to worry, if the Senate impeachment trial becomes uncomfortable, Mitch McConnell has a “kill switch” that he’ll simply throw and that will be that.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reportedly is close to finalizing a rule that would allow President Trump’s team to move to dismiss the articles of impeachment in the Senate quickly after some evidence has been presented, as a sort of safety valve in case Democrats try to drag out the trial for weeks. […]

McConnell, R-Ky., wouldn’t be obligated to publicize the final version of his resolution setting the parameters of the impeachment trial until Tuesday, but top Republicans have said they supported affording Trump the opportunity to cut the trial short.

Now where this gets whacky is that just a week ago, McConnell said, “There is little or no sentiment in the Republican conference for a motion to dismiss. Our members feel that we have an obligation to listen to the arguments.” Maybe McConnell is just saying this to appease Trump, because Trump is still screaming for dismissal, due to the fact that he can’t accept the fact that he’s actually been impeached and now there’s actually going to be a trial? Axios:

The big picture: Trump endorsed on Twitter the idea of outright dismissal of the charges against him. It could be an opportunity for some of Trump’s closest Senate Republican allies to register their contempt for the case that House Democrats marshaled against the president — even if the motion is doomed to fail.

  • It could also serve as a break-glass option if the trial took a turn and Trump’s allies felt they needed a mechanism to bring about an abrupt end to the trial.

What’s next: Trump’s team says it wants a fast impeachment trial, and Republicans are preparing for the possibility of a time frame as short as two weeks.

  • But there will be opportunities for curve balls that may extend throughout the trial.
  • Collins has joined several other Republican senators, including Mitt Romney, in saying they want to be able to vote to hear from additional witnesses — a key demand of Senate Democrats.
  • They are expected to be given that vote after the Senate has heard each sides’ opening arguments.

This is most likely a ploy on the part of Fox News to appease it’s viewer in chief. Trump’s got to be sweating right now, and if he believes that McConnell can just stop the trial at any time, simply because he feels like it, Trump may feel placated. Common sense would dictate that this is pure nonsense. If I had to lay odds on this today, I would say forget it, there’s not going to be any dismissal. McConnell said as much. And there won’t be a kill switch either. However, Trump needs to believe that he has an out, and since he can’t bride a D.A. this time, or declare bankruptcy, this is probably the best concession that he can make at this time.


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Well, we will see very soon. I am confident that leadership has gamed this out.

chris whitley

Of course they will try this. McConnell has hitched his wagon to the trump train. Graham also on that failed train. Trump goes down he will drag McConnell and Graham with him. I don’t think any of the three will survive 2020 but I could be wrong. But I think there is a limit to what the people will take. And if the Democrats can at least hold their own they will win in public support because the American public will see the corruption that permeates from the swamp trump promised to drain.


The Senate trial looks more and more like a complete whitewash and con by McConnell and the rest of the Republicans. Their voters must be so proud of the way they spit on the Constitution and democracy.


Oh, and we have Republican Trump Terrorist in Richmond.

Richard Curren

If Moscow Mitch pulls his kill switch stunt. In order to continue his treasonous right-wing cover-up. Then he should expect mass protests. Putin’s Trump-led GOP is the most deadly and destructive threat to America in the world.


We all move closer to the day when Trump gets another term.

This time, in prisonl.

p j evans

MMMcT is going for 12-hour days on this, starting at 1pm. He thinks two days will be enough. Maybe 4 hours for voting on motions from each side.
It’s pretty much a set-up to keep it out of the news.

My take is that the House Democrats in their detailed, calm shotgun blast to Trump’s idiot lawyer’s statement against our Constitution and having no laws broken, as the biggest one was holding up the Congress approved and budgeted aid to the Ukraine military against Putin’s attacks … that is so pure and obvious a giant mistake by the shitgibbon, that it will live in infamy along with the small brass plate where Trump’s portrait would have been, saying, “Due to lack of any brain activity during a tumultuous, daily Tweet storm and more lies than any truth, ever in the… Read more »