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As I was going to St Ives, I met a man with seven wives

It’s incredible to me that nothing that Donald Trump touches can ever be simple and straight forward. There are always circles within circles, and doors that open on staircases that go nowhere. And as a result, it has led to a cottage industry of pundits, many of whom seen to have trouble tying their shoes if they’re on first.

And right now, the latest talking head show drinking game is Chief Justice John Roberts, and his potential role in the upcoming Trump impeachment trial. Will
Roberts be a total wallflower, or an activist judge? Personally, I have no idea, and won’t even guess. I’ll just say that Roberts has plenty of cause to be less than thrilled with Traitor Tot. For one thing, Trump rammed Brewski Brett Kavanaugh up his ass like an iceberg enema. And second, Trump has taken to gleefully predicting that his judges will rule in his favor, forcing Roberts to comment publicly twice in less than two years that there are no Democratic or Republican judges, just an independent judiciary. Still, it bears thinking about.

But Nancy Pelosi, in her tactical brilliance, has put Moscow Mitch and his bellicose brood in an untenable position, and it may be about to string them into making a very unwise tactical error. In holding back on delivering the articles of impeachment, Pelosi goaded mental pet rocks like McConnell, Graham and Paul into openly displaying their bias, allowing the Democrats to decry the possibility of a fair trial. This coming at a time when the public appetite for a full and fair trial, as well as witnesses and documents is growing, putting more pressure on the GOP.

But McConnell’s arrogance is about to take the GOP over the cliff. In response to the Democratic pressure for documents and witnesses, McConnell has repeatedly reminded all and sundry that he doesn’t give a shit. As long as he has 51 GOP votes, the trial will run his way, and that includes overturning any rulings that John Roberts may make from the bench that he thinks are cumbersome or ill advised.

This would be a colossal blunder, and here’s why. I have related before that two of the most despised professions in the United States are lawyers, and politicians. People would rather be pimps in lower class dives than either one, And yet, you take a toxic combination of the two, wrap it in a $40 nylon black robe, and suddenly they become the modern day iteration of King Solomon. People just wubs them some judges! As the advertising flacks will tell you, image is everything.

So, here’s how the ground shakes out. Public polling shows that closing on 50% of the population of the United States wants Trump jettisoned like Spock’s body from the Starship Enterprise, 67% of the public, including 40% of Republican voters want to see a full and fair trial, witness, and document production, and you have the apo di tutti capi of the United States judicial system overseeing the whole magilla. And Mitch McConnell’s idea of how to deal with any ruling that could be detrimental to Trump is to hold a floor vote to overturn the fucking thing?!?

Oh, the potential optics of this are outstanding for the GOP. People want a fair trial, so you just rig the rulings to get the outcome you desire. If vulnerable GOP incumbents are already coming under pressure to vote with the Democrats to allow witnesses and document production, imagine the pressure they’ll be under when he starts calling on them to tell the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to go and fuck himself? This is the kind of thing that could have GOP Senators preemptively voting with Democrats on early motions, just to let McConnell know that there are bridges too far, even for clueless lemmings like themselves.

The table is set, the die is cast, and all is prepared. Figure Tuesday will be a procedural day, followed by opening arguments on Wednesday. But for the moment, just put aside everything you’re hearing about Roberts’ prospective impact on the trial. Because the fireworks up front won’t occur if or until he makes a ruling that is problematic for Trump and McConnell. And then, let the games begin.

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Cherl Harrell

As I was reading this, I was thinking: the stones on this guy! Yes I do remember him saying that if any rulings are “cumbersome or ill advised”. I just didn’t think he would go through with it. Like you said, we shall see.

Nice of you to accurately compare this three year long clustereff to the Winchester Mystery House, Murf (seriously, people, look it up). Personally, I stopped being shocked or surprised by the middle of the second year. By then, I had a pattern to work with and as such, few things have caught me off guard since. I think something that keeps messing people up here is that they keep expecting either the old pattern to snap back in place or their deepest apocalyptic nightmare to come true every time Trump makes a move. Both approaches are substituting the defaulting to… Read more »
gettin too old for this sh!t
gettin too old for this sh!t

Awesome, and love the obscure (at least these days) reference to the Winchester House! This whole damn piece had me laughing my ass off, damn, Murf, you speak truth but you do it so wonderfully hysterically! And Bareshark, watch out, your intellect is showing again (which it has a pretty consistent habit of doing).