The Case For Lev Parnas


You honestly expect me to believe that?   Every wife in the world at least once

My, my, my, what are we to do with Lev Parnas? Several years ago former Vice President Al Gore was behind a documentary titled an Inconvenient Truth. Well, as far as Donald Trump and his merry band of freebooters are concerned, Lev Parnas is the two legged iteration of that title in human form.

Last night I wrote an article in which I compared the stories of Lev Parnas and Michal Cohen, two “true believers” who had fallen from the true faith, and as a result turned on their former boss. In that article, I stated that I believed Lev Parnas. But now, I want to break away from the connections between Cohen and Parnas, and tell you specifically why I believe Parnas.

First of all, Teri’s compelling mountain of evidence set aside, I’m not a total moron. I never said that I believe every word, nor that I take him on blind faith. As Rachel Maddow pointed out repeatedly, Parnas is no shining angel, he’s currently out on bail, awaiting trial on federal campaign finance violations that could land him in jail for years.And that’s one of the reasons I believe Parnas, because Rachel didn’t ask him a single question relating to those charges. If she had drilled him on the names of his shadow backers, or his contact sources at the campaigns and Super PAC’s, his words would have been much more suspect as being self serving, and planting seeds for a future jury to remember at trial. But Parnas is not currently charged with any crimes relating to his activities on behalf of Trump in the Ukraine.

Which brings me to the biggest reason that I believe Lev Parnas. He said it repeatedly over two hours of questioning by Rachel. We didn’t do anything wrong.” That was a near constant refrain. Maddow pressed him on why he originally wanted to cooperate to the congressional request that he appear and provide documents to the Intelligence committee, and his answer was simple, I wanted to cooperate because we weren’t doing anything wrong.

Let’s look at the situation, and the circumstances for a moment, and look at them through the eyes of Lev Parnas. For starters, we’ll stipulate that Parnas is a somewhat shady character. But what is he doing? He is directly working with Rudy Ghouliani, the personal attorney to the President of the United States. He has spoken to the president personally, as well as heard his voice speaking to others over the telephone. He is working directly with EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland and Ukraine Envoy Kurt Volker. He is speaking to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and briefing National Security Adviser John Bolton. With all of these blessings and official imprimaturs, why is it so radical that Parnas would think that he was acting as an official representative of the United States government?

His own logic and words backs that contention up. When Rachel pressed him on his contacts with officials of the new government in Ukraine, his response was simple and obvious, Why would I talk to them Rachel, and more importantly, why would they talk to me? Who was I to them. They talked to me because they were told to talk to me. Exactly. The very fact that they took his meetings was proof in his mind that he had official US government backing, since they vouched for him to set up the meetings.

A couple of years ago, there was an excellent based on a true story movie that came out starring Tom Hanks. Hanks played an American businessman who was recruited by the government to go to East Berlin and negotiate the release of shot down U-2 pilot Gary Powers. When he was recruited he was advised that, while he was working on behalf of the US government, if things fell apart, they would have no choice but to disavow him. This stuff really does happen in real life, why shouldn’t it happen to Lev Parnas?

The other reason I believe Parnas is his rather healthy fear of Attorney General Tubby the Ewok. Parnas is out on bail facing charges of campaign finance violations. As such, it is highly unlikely that either the prosecution or the defense could question Parnas on the stand about the Ukraine matter, simply because it’s not relevant to the charges at hand. If Barr, through the SDNY can railroad Parnas behind bars, then they can control media access to him, keeping everything he knows secret. That’s why it’s so plausible that Parnas would speak publicly on the matter now, it removes the advantage of the prosecutors scooping him back up, and locking him away as soon as possible. After all, it was only a couple of weeks ago that the SDNY went back into court, seeking to have his bail revoked, and remanding him back into custody to await trial, remember?

So yes, I believe Lev Parnas. And I believe him simply because there is absolutely nothing in his situation, nor his timing that would create any kind of advantage for him to step forward and lie. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but it’s just one more reason for Moscow Mitch to try to fast track this impeachment trial to the max. Don’t touch that dial.

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I couldn’t watch Rachel last night because I was doing a sleep study and they didn’t have MSNBC. They did have CNN, so I saw there. Your analysis makes perfect sense. The only thing he may be of on is Hyde. I think they are both covering their butts with the drunk/buffoon story.

I believe him. (1) pretty much every criminal trial in history has had at least one felon on the stand for the prosecution; that’s how worse felons are CAUGHT more often than not; and (2) this guy knows exactly who he was working for and that they kill people and he was near the inner circles, so getting out front and spilling his guts in the calmest way possible is his best protection for himself and his family: no secrets, lotsa publicity. A distant (3) — given the smarmy so-called lawyers running around this mess — his lawyer sat there… Read more »

Too, they are all officers of the court.