Ukraine Announces Investigation into Surveillance of Yovanovitch


Ukraine announced today it would be investigating the surveillance of Marie Yovanovitch.

The United States is officially on notice, if the Trump administration does not, today, launch an investigation into the surveillance of American Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, we will be the only country implicated not investigating. Any self-respecting country would be embarrassed.

We will also be left with the inescapable conclusion that Ukraine is more troubled than the United States upon learning of threats directed at a United States ambassador. And, yes, it will mean that Ukraine is not afraid to get to the truth, oligarchs be damned. Whereas us? Don’t even ask. Right, Politico?

The Ukrainian Interior Ministry, which runs the police forces, said in a statement that Ukrainian police “are not interfering in the internal political affairs of the United States.”

“However, the published messages contain facts of possible violations of Ukrainian law and of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations, which protect the rights of diplomats on the territory of another state,” the statement continued.

Violations of law? Quaint.

But, it’s probably good to say, “Thank you, Ukraine, and – please, by all means, do feel free to interfere with our politics. It appears you’re already deeply involved – sorry – and most Americans want real truth, consisting of real facts, to thwart the fictional thriller being run out of the White House and the US Senate.”

I said it, since I have no hope of a peep out of the White House.

So, how does Mike Pompeo even go to work today? He has to know that he had the entire day yesterday to announce that his own department will investigate the matter. Indeed, it’s probably safe to guess that Ukraine gave the State Department the one day just to see if the U.S. took the lead. Apparently Ukraine didn’t have the patience to wait another day. Ukraine is serious about this anti-corruption sh*t. I guess we’re too busy creating the corruption to get around to investigating it all at the same time.

Speaking of which:

The Interior Ministry also said it has invited the FBI to take part in the investigation.

The FBI? That would be the little mall security force that sits underneath Barr? Pffft. But, again, nice of Ukraine to offer.

Oh, and just to put the cherry on top of the humiliation pie being served-up, Ukraine also announced that it is investigating the Russians hacking into Burrisma’s computers. Thankfully, our people were involved in that investigation and announced their findings.

Actually, the fact that federal investigators involved themselves in monitoring the computer hack, but not investigating the surveillance and threat to Yovanovitch tells us a great deal.

What exactly does it tell us? I guess we’ll have to wait for Ukraine to let us know.

I hope they already have next year’s money.


Peace, y’all

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Your last sentence says it all.

Cherl Harrell

Well if Pompeo announced an investigation into something he was involved with, that would be scary for him.


I wouldn’t be too dismissive of the FBI, Jason. Their boss is a confirmed royalist ideologue and general POS. But the folks working at the J. Edgar building haven’t forgotten nor likely forgiven what this maladministration did to a boss loved by the rank and file. So if they can’t get the higher ups to act on any bits they find with the Ukrainians, you can bet your monthly rent that they’ll find someone who will.

For Ukraine, it’s about survival. Since nobody’s riding to their rescue, they’re doing it themselves.