A Wasted Opportunity


I guarantee you’ll miss 100% of the shots you never take   Wayne Gretzky

*Full Disclosure* I did not see the Democratic debate last night, Teri and I were busy playing catch up. But I was tuned in to MSNBC when the debate ended, and they started their post game coverage. But it quickly became apparent that I didn’t miss a damn thing, and that’s a pity, because it was a wasted opportunity for all concerned.

How do I know that I didn’t miss anything? Because MSNBC didn’t freakin’ show anything! Normally, they go to commercial and return from commercial with short clips of lively exchanges, and then they play more clips, and everybody yammers about the exchanges. Last night, other than the clip of Sanders and Warren pissing on each others shoes about whether or not a woman can become, president, there were almost no clips played. And it was a blown chance.

Shame on the CNN moderators. And shame on all 6 Democratic candidates. The whole damn bunch of them had a golden egg dropped into their collective laps, and what did they do? They fricasseed the fucking goose! The now infamous Parnas Dump took place about 90 minutes before the debate started, but from the content of the debate, you’d have thought that the most important story of the day was the pee content of Sanders and Warren’s shoes.

David Plouffe, the campaign savant that ran Obama’s successful 2008 run, defended the candidates. His point was that Lev Parnas had nothing to do with the candidates policies and ideas. Parnas was about the impeachment, and these debates were the candidates last chance to make their pitch for their agendas to the voters of Iowa.

In the words of my political patron saint, Jon of Stewart, If you smell bullshit. Call bullshit. Ahem. Bullshit! The Lev Parnas dump may end up being very important in the Trump impeachment going forward. And whether the candidates like it or not, the largest single issue in 2020 is going to be Donald Trump, and the sooner the candidates start accepting that, and crafting it into their stump speeches and debate prep, the better.

And shame on the CNN moderators for letting them get away with it. The moderators are there to challenge the candidates, not let them stay in their comfort cocoon. Former Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill put it perfectly in her observation about the presidency, which basically boils down to Shit Happens…Constantly! The point being that shit pops up on a resident every day, and there are going to be times when they’re called on to comment on an issue or occurrence on which he doesn’t necessarily have all of the facts. This was a perfect chance for each candidate to craft a tailored response, based only on the information at their disposal, and pound Trump over the head with their condemnation. And instead the opportunity flew by like the exit to a roadside stop on an interstate.

Here’s why this pisses me off so much. As much as the candidates are loath to admit it, no matter who wins the primaries, the orange tufted, 400 lb gorilla in the room is going to be Traitor Tot. Polling shows that the #1 issue for Democratic primary voters is loading His Lowness into a catapult and pulling the handle. The candidates are no  that far apart on most of the major policy positions. Last night was a tailor made chance for each candidate to take Lev Parnas, and the whole Ukraine scandal, and ram it down Trump’s throat, thrilling the critical Democratic base. And instead they prattled on about the same things they have for the last 374 debates now. Looks like a female president wasn’t the only thing that got pissed away last night.

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I didn’t see the debates either because I work nights. Nor did I hear any pundits. But I agree with your opinion on this.

rory darjiit
I watched the whole thing. I didn’t think any of it was as bad as people are saying…the candidates or CNN. Which is to say, maybe the whole thing was a C+ and the internet is ready to flunk the whole crew. I felt like Warren was generally good at bringing things back around to the issues. There was one exchange where she ignored the moderator and listed off all of the things we weren’t going to get to talk about and why they matter…that was a good moment. I’m with Sen McCaskill, who asked if for the love of… Read more »
Gerald Boyette

I didn’t watch the debate because I don’t think it’s relevant. The Democratic Establishment has made their choice, Biden, and like Hillary, they will do anything to make it happen. Questions like “..Your plan of Medicare for all will bankrupt the country…” tells it all. Corporations don’t want a Progressive in the White House.