A Corner Turned: Trump May Well Not Get Through Impeachment


One must be cautious about saying something that may sound like hyperbole. But the picture changed today with the release of the Lev Parnas materials. I know that much, whether it results in Trump’s ultimate removal or not is a more difficult question.

The documents/texts from Robert Hyde (a Giuliani associate, a huge Trump donor who hangs out at Trump’s clubs) referencing Ukrainians surveilling a United States ambassador, including phones and computers, without notifying embassy security, along with the texts referring to the famous corruption fighter as a f**king b**** all alongside the fact that the State Department told Yovanovitch to be on the plane within hours because there were concerns for her safety, is damned haunting.

It sure puts a new coat upon Trump saying that Yovanovitch was “going to go through some things.”

Now, none of this is confirmed, other than it came from Parnas, purportedly from Hyde. So, until it is confirmed, and until Parnas can testify to the context of everything, we need to be cautious to a certain extent.

But Parnas knows that this material could possibly take down a United States president, and has to know that the authenticity of the evidence will be worked through by the most expert technicians in the world. Parnas is also trying to save his own ass which is in deep trouble. it is far more likely than not that it is real.

Chris Hayes just brought up the fact that the line about Ukrainians following her with the quote that in the Ukraine one can get anything for money, makes one just shiver. It is possible, just possible, that they were going to harm her and make it appear it was some random crime in the Ukraine.

It is also possible that Robert Hyde was simply trying to impress Giuliani and company that he was that on top of her. But even if so, no one jumped on him to say “knock it off, stop this.” It is possible that Hyde is completely nuts and was lying about surveilling her. But you also have to consider that a lot of oligarchs in Russia and Ukraine hated her for her anti-corruption fight, as well as Trump’s words. “She is going to go through some things,” something that really doesn’t make a lot of sense. She’d already been fired when Trump talked to Zelensky.

This is the type of evidence that completely changes the picture in the case against Trump. It sounds like mob bosses talking. It sounds like they wanted to get rid of a problem. There is no doubt they wanted her gone from the job, fired, they were pounding on the need to fire her. None of that is disputed. If Trump’s political “gamesmanship” and self-obsession put Yovanovitch in harms way – and she was told to get out, fast, because a security threat arose – if it all checks out, I don’t see how Trump remains in office.

I suspect even Republicans will consider him disgraced. At a minimum, he won’t win the election if all this is genuine. The most base of the base aren’t leaving Trump, but a lot of people will.

If I had to bet, there is a ton of truth in this stuff. Hyde’s comment upon the release of the material today is that it is more “bull Schiff is a giant bitch.” Sounds like a guy who references Yovanovitch as a “f****ing b**** and a guy that you wouldn’t want angry.

I think Trump is going to go through some things.


Peace, y’all


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An assassination plot against a US ambassador is so far beyond okay that I can see this as the last straw we’ve been waiting for. Authentication still needs to and will take place but it’s hard to believe Pelosi wouldn’t be delivering those articles now unless she a) knew these data bits were coming and b) knew they were on the level.

Cherl Harrell

Wouldn’t it be sweet if the soft-spoken, professional Marie Yovanovitch is not only vindicated, but seals his fate? As Barshark said, this is so beyond the pale.


This would be so fitting.


It’s like in Greek myth involving anybody trying to avoid a prophecy, Cherl: the more you make moves against it, the more you make it come true. We are often brought down by that which we dread.


This should be slammed down the red states throats. The billionaires can do this. There are only five tv stations in Mississippi that I can think of. Saturate them. Superbowl. Boom. The stooge in our White House is a traitor, general criminal, confessed sexual abuser, briber and extortionist, embezzler, abuser of his power, obstructing justice/cover-up/liar/sneak/general creep.


Oh, and now he used his murder of an Iranian official to manipulate stock. No, I don’t think this Iranian was a monster. He was a patriot to his country. It was fake American patirots that put all this blood and treasure in harms way.


Be assured that both Bloomberg and Steyer are likely taking note and getting their people on it. Ditto our temporary allies in the Lincoln Project, who will absolutely go to town with this.


Hope. The twist and turns of all this are mind boggling. If we had had the technology of today back in 1950, think what the world would be like. I don’t know. Republicans thrive in darkness. They are like that black mold you find in the basement. The internet spreads darkness as well as light.

Religion should spread light but they don’t. All the money and human resources they suck up and their feeble impact on the disenfranchised is pathetic. They are more interested in a pathetic and meaningless oath.

p j evans

There are questions about Hyde, now. Like: where did he get the money for those donations, since he isn’t paying child support and is in debt in other ways? And what was he doing in Ukraine, watching the Ambassador?