The Tipping Point


Bullshit. That’s all it is. And not only is it bullshit, but bullshit is all it’s ever been, and bullshit is all it’s ever going to be. And we’ve known it from the start. From the moment he oozed his way down that rattletrap escalator in Trump Tower, we have witnessed not just a candidacy, and not even just a presidency, but an entire administration built solely of pure, unadulterated bullshit. The problem with pure, unadulterated bullshit though, is that it’s not a particularly strong and sturdy material.

There were a couple of interesting sniglets in impeachment world today, ones that make my point. First, CNN came out and reported that anonymous Senate sources had confirmed to them that despite his best efforts, Moscow Mitch McConnell lacked the requisite 51 GOP votes to allow him to make the first motion brought to the Senate floor for a vote in the trial be one of dismissing the charges, making it possible for Donnie Depends to scuttle off with nothing more than community service. Apparently there is a limit to the tensile strength of bullshit, especially when everybody is watching you shovel it.

A couple of hours later, CBS News broke with the story that not only did McConnell not have the requisite number of GOP votes to give Trump a free pass, but senior White House officials had already resigned themselves to the fact that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer almost certainly had not only enough GOP votes to get to 51 and force the appearance of witnesses in the trial, he likely had more than the number needed to reach 51.Not only isn’t the tensile strength of bullshit not much, but it also seems that it cracks and expands quite easily.

You know, bad boys and bullies always have kids hanging around them, kids who love to watch the bad boy get away with shit that they can’t. That pretty well seems to sum up the Republican party in the era of Trump. The problem is that, after watching the bully skate so ma ny times, the other kids start trying it themselves, only to find that the invincibility potion doesn’t travel very well. And then they call for Momma.

Trump’s summary execution of Soleimani was an act of pure, senseless, political bullshit. Right now, Trump is balancing on the tightrope, but the wind hasn’t really started to blow yet. But when it does, being Trump, he will do what bullies always do, try to tough it out. And when he starts trying to counter reprisals with escalating military force, then the bully is finally going to find himself in juvie hall.

Trust me on this folks, this ain’t my first rodeo. In 1967-68, massive protests against not only the Vietnam war, but the stunning clarity of the fact that our own government was lying to us about both the war, as well as its progress, led LBJ to decide not to run for another term. Those protests dogged Richard Nixon, and ended up bringing on a generational split in this country that has never fully healed. As a 16 year old sophomore that ditched classes not for opening day at Wrigley field, but to take the el train downtown to protest, I know what a powerfully motivating factor war can be. Hell, in two more years, it would have been my ass on the line.

In 2002 the glaring holes in the bullshit story cobbled up by Bush Lite, Cheney, and the rest of the administration were so obvious that they once again sparked massive, nationwide protests before we even actually got into the war, splitting the country again, and putting Bush so far on the defensive he ended up having to fight off screams for his own impeachment over the debacle.

And now, Trump has decided that he can buck the system. This administration is so lame that, despite being up to their eyeballs in bullshit, they can’t craft even a halfway plausible bullshit excuse for their actions. They aren’t even really trying, because Trump has decided that he’s the bully, and he’s going to just plow on through, and be damned to anybody who tries to stop him. And I’m here to tell you that it flat out won’t work.

I want you to think about this for a moment. As we speak, there are young men and women, in the uniforms of the US military, who weren’t even born on the day that the Twin Towers came down. Their entire lives have been spent in a country on a war footing, often in multiple conflicts, 24/7. And yet they joined, to serve. And they’ll go if ordered. And their parents, and everybody else who has been around long enough to watch this movie, as well as the reruns unfold, will be fucked if we’ll let it happen again, to them.

There have already been multiple, near spontaneous protests nationwide in response to the initial offense. If Trump’s response to a reprisal is to order thousands more US troops to the region, the resulting protests will be massive, and near daily. And the GOP already knows it, that’s why self pandering little shits like Mike Lee and Rand “Aqua Buddha” Paul came screaming out of that classified meeting like a pack of howler monkeys. And why there was bipartisan support for the War Powers Act resolution voted on in the House, and for the upcoming Senate version of the same thing.

The GOP is caught, and it knows it. Bullshit is one thing, but another feckless war in the Middle East, one started by a naked act of US aggression, is another. The special and off year elections of 2017 and 2019, the 2018 midterms, and the resulting public opinion on the impeachment of Trump have finally gotten it through the thick skulls of the GOPasaurs backing Trump that there is a limit to the tensile strength of pure, unadulterated bullshit. This is not a hill that the mainstream GOP wants to die on, as you can tell by their responses to the outcry. Trump being Trump, he isn’t going to listen, only the act of standing up to His Lowness and reining him in will do the trick. I just hope that the spines they ordered from Amazon get here before anybody else has to die.

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Bullshit: Thy name is donald trump. 🤣

Cherl Harrell

He will continue to do what he wants, until someone stops him. I was reading a piece from the Washington Post about the billions he is taking for the damn wall. One federal judge said he could not do this, so of course he appealed. The appellate judge has decided he can continue pending the appeal. That is ridiculous, in my opinion. He is charging forward, pillaging the military in the process. The one he is so proud of building up.