Lev Parnas Material Drops a Bomb Days Before Trial UPDATE x3!


Lev Parnas needs to testify. The evidence he turned over to the House Committee on Intelligence must be part of the impeachment trial, and Lev needs to clarify the background with respect to a hand-written note on Ritz-Carlton stationary.

The evidence is here:

The note reads:

“Get Zelensky to announce that Biden will be investigated.

“Start communicating (?) with Zelensky without Pinchu (?) or Kowloski (?).

“Go to D.C. with package, work my ‘magic’ and cut deal.

“Victoria and Joe retained, $100,000 with (illegible), begin media campaign.”

Obviously it is that first stanza that is the most important, and for all we know, the next few back-up the first. We know of the $100,000 – we just need to know who paid it, and we need to know what they planned for the media campaign.

There are many texts with documents attached, about the only ones that make sense are the media campaign texts, which include plans to reach Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity, with a storyline: “As Russian collusion fades, Ukrainian plot to help Clinton emerges.”

This is, obviously, referencing the Russian plot referenced by Ambassador Yovanovitch, to shift the focus away from Russian collusion in 2016, clearing the field for 2020.

Speaking of Ambassador Yovanovitch, there is a text from someone – most likely Rudy – to Lev in March of 2019, which reads: “I can’t believe Trump hasn’t fired that bitch, I’ll get right on it.”

I will say right now, if that text is from Rudy it will be extremely bad for Trump. “Fuck that bitch” is not a good look for the Trump side, especially referencing a woman who came across as brave, patriotic and uber-competent.

Lev Parnas must testify. His hand-written note demonstrates that he was right in the middle of the entire operation to get an investigation of Biden going with Zelensky. The pressure is really going to come down on the Republicans now. I don’t think they’re going to avoid witnesses.

The real stuff will be in the attachments, which, so far I have not been able to read.


“On behalf of my client, with his consent …”

Wow, this is the type of evidence that turns cases, especially since this is dated in MAY of 2019, well before this was known as a “thing.”

Parnas was in on it, and knows the entire thing through and through. He must testify, period.

I will bet that the more of this that comes out, and the more testimony from each witness confirms the evidence, the more you will hear Republicans change their tune. They will start to argue that “Yes, this occurred, yes it is bad, but no it is not worthy of removing Trump from office.” Such a thing will be devastating. Some might vote for removal.


UPDATE 3: I am thinking this is what does them all in. Where did they get the technology to do that? Who planted it? Not a chance it was legal. Another crime, Trump might’ve been a conspirator to this crime.

UPDATE 4: Look at that surveillance, and remember Trump’s words: “She is going to go through some bad things.” Fcking Haunting!! I am convinced they were planning “bad things” for her. Recall she was told to not just get on the plane, but on the “next” plane.



Will report back on the breaking news.


Peace, y’all


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Jason, I am thunderstruck! I thought there might be something interesting in the parnas trove, not to this level, though! Wow!


Okay…I think it’s fair to say that a whole shoestore full of shoes have just dropped like a series of atom bombs. I can’t help but think that Pelosi was waiting on this to break, which considerably improves her position overnight. Also, Scaramucci dropped a cryptic tweet yesterday about the ending being sudden and abrupt…could be related to this.


No kidding Bareshark. I really don’t think Speaker Pelosi needs to “step down.” As some have been saying, again. Ridiculous.


Those people are idiots, even if they are on our side. I expect the denouement of this affair will make them never admit that ever again.


So tired of hearing that type of stuff.


And we will, Cmae. And possibly sooner than we think.


I’m late in reading this because I was at work. I’m with you on everything you’ve said here, mae. Am tired of the constant chaos tRump causes. I’m shocked by what I’m reading on a daily basis. If tRump were a smart man, he’d work out a deal for a pardon and resign. That’s not going to happen because he’s not a smart man. He won’t go quietly.


Stupid and arrogant, what a combination.


I always wonder just how much by-the-way info has been collected and was just being held up for some vetting, (names/places/dates), along with some encouragement for this floodgate to open … the Ghoul was NOT on our payroll, several players seem to be outside Trump’s firewall …. he he, he’s going down mentally and physically, if not directly to prison, (Federal or State), wherever the spinning bottle stops …

p j evans

I’m wondering what else Parnas turned over that the House Intelligence Committee is still looking at.


Could this be as damning as the 6/9/16 meeting with the Russians?


“Brave, patriotic and uber-competent woman” and “f***ing b***h” are exact synonyms to Republicans. And I’m sure “ball buster” is in there somewhere too. Such terror. Not that they don’t actually have something to fear, being the dirt bags which they are, but that is by choice. They could choose to be decent people instead of dirt bags and have nothing to fear.