Impeachment Dynamic Changing Fast: Ernst Joins Romney Over Procedure


Not to sound too self-important, but it was only four hours ago that Romney came out with his statement that he wanted to hear from John Bolton, and we noted that Romney’s move will create a safety lane for other Republicans, the ones hanging on the edge, thinking about jumping SS Trump.

Now Iowa Senator Joni Ernst is saying that she wants Mitch McConnell to start working with the Democrats. Via Rawstory:

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) is another endangered Republican running for reelection in 2020. She joined with Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) in complaining about the process of impeachment unfolding in the U.S. Senate.

In a Politico report Monday, Ernst told Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) it was time to start working with Democrats instead of against them.

No wonder the Russians are busy hacking the shit out of the Ukrainians. They better get moving.

McConnell might want watch-out, because I sense a jail-break coming if just a couple more Republicans join with the Democrats in pushing back against McConnell’s sham. Two more will mean there are 51 senators – a majority – opposed to McConnell, something he is not used to. The remaining Republicans will have to assess whether they want to stay in the minority, or join the people seeking the truth.

As we said earlier, a bet on the McConnell-Trump side is a bet on being able to manage the unknown into the future. I would hate to be Lindsey Graham, having argued his toff off about the giant hoax, suddenly having to explain how it was that anyone could be so adamant about anything when Trump was guilty as figs the whole time.

Everyone get ready, because things are changing fast. The dynamic will look entirely different in two days. If you think Trump’s insufferable rage was running over to this point, you haven’t seen a thing yet. The scales are tipping, and I think that Twitter best add some extra wings to carry the load that is coming.

Ernst has placed her bet, and decided it was best to suffer the rage, rather than the alternative.


Peace, y’all

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Cherl Harrell

Good news! Of course the insufferable clown will be even more insufferable, what else is new?


Can’t wait to see who joins the club tomorrow.


Mitt is such a spineless creature that his turning against the Turtle is a sign of an avalanche to come. McConnell tried bluffing his way out of this mess and the bluff just got called. To parphrase the great Sir Mick Jagger, what keeps puzzling me is the nature of Pelosi and Schumer’s game.


Question answered! This is great.


” If you think Trump’s insufferable rage was running over to this point, you haven’t seen a thing yet.”

What country will he get the military to attack next?


Maybe Grenada? After all, Reagan managed to use that little invasion of that massively dangerous Caribbean powerhouse as a distraction in the aftermath of 240-plus Marines being killed in Beirut just *TWO* days earlier.


I believe the truck billboards that hit eight senators have made a difference. One of them was Joni Ernst.


I still think once they get the paper work they’ll change again. When ever I see words like might maybe could should means not of it’s true