I never thought I would pity Mike Pompeo, but I have to say, that he has bobbed back and forth like a plastic dippy bird ever since Qassem Suleimani was assassinated, trying to coordinate Donald Trump’s latest lie on the subject with some kind of rational sounding protocol — and now Trump has totally blown the matter out of the water. In a Monday morning tirade on Twitter, where else, Trump stated that it really didn’t matter a damn whether Suleimani was going to do something imminent (misspelled as “eminent”) or not, he was a bad dude, so Trump was right to blow him away.

This tweet is corrected. The Hill is reporting the original misspelled one.

So, nothing to see here, just Trump lying as usual — although admitting it on Twitter is an interesting direction to go, I must say. And Pompeo must be tearing his remaining hair out, as Trump undercuts the best lies that he can cobble together. The Hill:

Trump also asserted that his national security team agreed on the imminent threat posed by Soleimani that led to the decision to kill him. He made this assertion despite remarks from Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Sunday that undercut Trump’s claim that the Iranian general was planning to target four American embassies before a U.S. drone strike killed him in Baghdad on Jan. 3.

Democratic lawmakers have said they were not told during last week’s briefing on the Soleimani strike that the general was targeting four U.S. embassies, casting further doubt on the president’s claim.

Trump’s national security adviser, Robert O’Brien, largely side-stepped the president’s specific claims when asked about them on “Fox News Sunday,” but insisted there was a threat to “American facilities in the region.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also defended the decision to authorize the strike, saying on Friday the intelligence suggested Soleimani was planning a “large-scale” attack that threatened American facilities including embassies.

Still, he said the Trump administration did not know precisely when or where the attack would occur.

“We would have been culpably negligent had we not recommended to the president that he take this action against Soleimani,” Pompeo told reporters at the White House. “He made the right call and America is safer as a result of that.”

Now, here’s the foreign policy primer you need for this administration:

  1. Trump has no foreign policy, he has impulses;
  2.  His impulses stem from a need to deflect the news cycle from his problems, nowadays impeachment;
  3.  Trump acts on an impulse and does something stupid, then Mike Pompeo and the others attempt to reverse engineer the situation and claim that Trump’s action arose out of intelligence gathering and decision making.
  4. HA!

This is your Trump Foreign Policy Template, keep it handy. It will never steer you wrong.

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7 Comments on "Trump Says It Doesn’t Matter If Suleimani Had ‘Eminent’ Attack Plans Because Of ‘Horrible Past’"

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Blah, blah, blah. Lie, lie, lie. Flail, flail, flail. Oh goody! Another week full of trump, and his bull.

Denis Elliott
I don’t feel the least bit sorry for Pompeo. Not one damned bit. He CHOSE to serve in this administration, first at CIA. Long before he was picked to take over at State he knew damned well that Trump was exactly what professionals in the military, intelligence and diplomatic corps feared – an incompetent, clueless manchild who had no intention of trying to learn or grow into the job. Pompeo probably could have gotten out in time to give him a shot at running for Senate in his home state and having Trump’s backing. However he CHOSE to move over… Read more »

Using google, the best I can tell is that Trump broke the law in killing this general. Imminent threat seems to be the get out of jail free card. There could be no imminent threat if it was decided months ago that he would kill this man for his hawks if one more American was killed. Thus, the kill was not based on an imminent threat.

Pelosi should have some hearings and ad that as an important article of impeachment.

p j evans

It got better…they admitted the decision was made last July, and Pompeo said he’s fine with it.