Trump, AGAIN, Complains He Did Not Win Nobel Prize


We have been here before, but this is the type of story that never gets old. It is fun to mock the ridiculousness of it, and Trump won’t seem to let it die anyway. Yes, per the title, Trump once again made reference to the fact that the Nobel committee must be made-up of peace loving, blue state freaks who advocate socialism or something.

It appears that we once again must remind Trump that certain rules apply to winning the Nobel Peace Prize. It is like Fight Club. Rule number one: Don’t talk about the peace prize. If you don’t win, see rule number one.

Second – and this is more of a technicality, unlike the firm number one rule – one must promote peace, locally, and ideally around the globe. But even men and women that clearly qualify under rule number two, must first follow rule number one.

He talked:

Per Vanity Fair:

It was difficult to parse through what he might have been referring to, but those versed in original Trump have suggested “the head of the country” that he’s referred to is Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed. After taking office in April 2018, Abiy introduced major reforms to Ethiopia, freed thousands of activists from jail, let exiled dissidents come home, appointed women to top positions, and allowed the media to operate as it sees fit. He also resolved a border conflict with Eritrea, signing a peace deal with President Isaias Afwerki. Did Trump have anything to do with brokering the peace? Of course not. As the BBC notes, the U.S.’s influence “was minimal.”

The head of a nation released political prisoners, invited dissidents to come home, invited women to participate and settled a border war?

Hard to believe that the guy won out over a dude that wants to build a wall to keep out the humanitarian refugees he jailed, continually calls the press “the enemy of the people,” and just assassinated a man with a missile which could still incite the globe into World War III.

All I can say is that the Ethiopian president must have followed rule number one. Other than that, there is nothing to distinguish the two.

It is one thing if you just invented anti-gravity such that you’ve solved the world’s energy issues and made flying cars possible. You might have a complaint if you didn’t win the prize for physics, and perhaps you could mention the oversight while speaking to the U.N. about how the planet is to be revolutionized. But the peace prize is a whole different thing.

I haven’t yet complained about not winning the prize for literature, which is a much bigger omission than Trump’s case. If anyone has a legitimate complaint, it’s me. It is especially so because I know well enough to never discuss that I deserve the literature prize, never mind walking around talking about the blatant bias against red-state Democrats who blog and write obscure novels. It is not hard. Really.

Not Trump.

It is soooo delicious, though, knowing that until Obama won, Trump would never have considered it the American president’s due. Yet another Obama accomplishment Trump will never match.

Wait till Obama writes his memoirs. I bet Obama gets the prize for literature, just to really freak Trump the fck out. I would let that one go.


PEACE, y’all

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p j evans

The best guess is that Himself was confusing Eritrea with Egypt.
But he hasn’t done anything to get a Nobel Prize for *anything*.


There are some serious wires crossed in that man’s brain.



Cherl Harrell

He seems to think all his belly-aching about it is like campaigning. Maybe if he puts enough pressure on them…


Just wait till he finds out the Obamas’ production company got an Oscar nomination!