The White House Will Even Lie About the Weather


I am old enough to remember a time when hearing “the White House” as part of any discussion conferred the ultimate gravitas. Every utterance from the nerve center of American policy would be perfect; it would be fact-checked several times, it would use the king’s English with no errors or flare, and would exude authority and competence.

This White House is the polar opposite, from serious assertions that were facially self-proving lies, to “strange” wording, and mistakes. This White House managed to take the greatest super power in history and make it seem small, ordinary, and petty.

Last night was one of the worst, albeit on an otherwise meaningless issue.

On the eve of record-setting warmth up and down the east coast, the White House issued a tweet celebrating the first snow of the year.

In any other White House, we’d probably allow that someone made a simple error. Except this one wasn’t quickly noted and correct, and this isn’t any other White House.

I would like to think that this was perhaps a clue-laden cry for help from deep within the bowels of tightly controlled criminality. Actually, wouldn’t it be cool if a real conspiracy existed? Kind of like “Q,” only orchestrated by a whistleblower with access to the official White House twitter account? Perhaps the weather report symbolizes something, if only someone smart enough could put it all together.

“First snow of the year …” What could first snow symbolize? Something cold? White? Snow is white water …, that blankets .. maybe last night was the first time this year the White House “whitewashed” a truth, threw a blanket over something critical!

This is going to take more work.

And not just because it is far more likely that the message from inside the White House is just a cheap laugh by a sadistic staffer affirming that, yes, they will lie about literally anything, big or small.

Or they just fcked up.

Could mean anything, now that I think about it. Which means it is useless, just like just about everything else that the White House comes up with.


Peace, y’all

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11 Comments on "The White House Will Even Lie About the Weather"

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Another example of the incompetence of this administration. I am sure this week will be just delightful.😷🤒🤕🤢🤧💩☻


I think we need longer weekends so we can be better rested to deal with the Orange Bomb taking up residence in the people’s house. 🤢


Another week full of wonder, and delight.🤢🤢

I see it as just another effort to shill for the fossil fuel industry, one of the primary financiers of the Republican terrorist organization. When people across the world die from weather events every Democrat/Progressive in the world should pose the question “Was this caused by human induced climate change or just normal weather patterns?” Then ask “What did Reagan do with President Carter”s solar panels? Did they sell them or just waste those tax dollars and throw them away?” Then bring the guy on third home, “How many have passed away because of Republicans catering to big oil instead… Read more »

Just their admittance that in fact they have all the snowflakes on their side.

p j evans

apparently they picked up from somewhere online. THey’re claiming it was from last week, but then why did they save it for a day when everyone within 300 miles knew it wasn’t snowing?