Bartender, Gimme An Impeachment, With A Twist


You know, Machiavelli really can’t complain. He’s had a nice long run as the reigning champion of treachery. But if what I just heard is true, and if it can be pulled off, then in the future, when people talk about underhanded, sneaky, treacherous 3rd card dealing, they’re going to have to put old Machiavelli out to pasture and start calling it “Pelosiing.”

There was an op-ed written today by former acting US Solicitor General, Neal Katyal, along with Trump Secretary Of Pain In The Ass, George Conway, in which they proposed a plan for the upcoming impeachment trial of His Lowness that, if considered and acted upon by Madame Speaker, would open up a brand new level of hell for Mitch McConnell that Dante never even thought of.

The idea is so simple, and yet so treacherous and underhanded. It calls for Pelosi and the Democrats to name trial managers for and to send over the article of impeachment dealing with the obstruction of congress. That’s it. The article of impeachment dealing with abuse of power would be held back, simply because there is still new information regarding that charge becoming public, and more investigation to do.

This is a new level of twisted. This goes far beyond getting medieval on yo’ ass, this is a full body immersion in getting medieval. The logic is simple, concise, and accurate. Trump’s obstruction of congress is already out in the open, it was thoroughly investigated, documented, and ready to roll. The beauty of it is that this article of impeachment doesn’t require any actual live testimony before the Senate to prove, the certified testimony of the witnesses before the House committee is in and and ready to present. McConnell can go ahead with his dog and pony show, and see how it goes over with the public.

And in the meantime, the Democrats can keep right on waiting for shoes to drop. There are more tranches of e-mails from both the State Department, as well as the Defense Department, as well as possibly OMB that are still scheduled to be released in response to FOIA court rulings. There is also possibly the information and data that Ghouliani associate Lev Parnas may or may not be in the process of turning over. And then, there’s Aladdin’s Cave.

John Bolton made quite a splash for himself, when he suddenly popped his head up like a target in a whack-a-mole game, and volunteered that he would testify in front of the Senate if subpoenaed for Trump’s trial. This was a totally self serving move by Bolton, he specifically mentioned the Senate for two reasons, one, he knows that McConnell will fight like the deuce to ensure he is never subpoenaed, and two, the House is dead, it’s investigation already completed, with articles voted out of the chamber. Bolton made himself relevant again, gave Trump nightmares, with little to no risk of exposure to himself.

Bolton is fucked both ways, and so is McConnell if this foes down. With the delay from the single charge trial in the Senate, Pelosi and Schiff can simply reopen the investigation, set a hearing date, and subpoena Bolton. The Democrats can even have it both ways. They can say that they are calling him because his testimony is required for the charge of abuse of power, and they can also say that they want his testimony to explore other possible avenues for new articles of impeachment.

If Bolton actually honors the subpoena and shows up, Trump and McConnell are bones, sideways. His testimony in front of the House Intelligence committee, broadcast nationwide, would make his appearance in front of the Senate redundant. The entire world hears what he has to say, and his transcribed testimony becomes a part of the packet sent over to the Senate with the second article of impeachment, all ready for the relevant portions to be read into the record at trial.

And if he doesn’t show up, then Bolton, Trump, and McConnell are all boned, from the other side. Right now, polling shows that 67% of Americans, including 40% of Republicans, want to see Bolton testify. If Bolton tries to pull a bait-and-switch with the House, public interest in seeing Bolton testify in the Senate is going to go through the roof. When the abuse of power article of impeachment hits the Senate, the first motion that Schumer is going to put forward for a floor vote is to subpoena Bolton to testify. And against that kind of public pressure, I find it impossible to believe that Schumer’s motion won’t pass.

There is one more benefit to having Pelosi split up the sending of the articles over to the Senate. There are already rumblings that once things get up and running, the first motion that McConnell may call to the floor would be a motion to dismiss. McConnell could care less about public pressure, if he thinks that he can carry the motion, he’ll call it pass it, and let everybody bitch however much they want, it’s mission accomplished. But if the only thing that he’s burying is the obstruction of congress charge, the outcry from that vote would make it impossible for him to hold his caucus together for a similar vote on the abuse of power charge.

Man! This is the way you stick in the shiv. Conway and Katyal have fashioned a perfect Chinese box for Trump and McConnell, one with no doorsm and spikes in the walls and lid. We’ll know in a few days, but I really hope that Speaker Pelosi gives this serious attention, and adopts it. It’s the perfect way to box them in, draw this out, and drive Trump even more insane. Talk about a win-win.

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p j evans

I hope Pelosi is paying attention to this!


Excellent idea!
Then we would be fighting on level ground and with similar weaponsbrr. It matters not that we are stooping to their mendacious, no holds-barred level. Dems have worn out the goody two-shoes shtick. It’s no longer a viable strategy.

We’re a creative lot. If RW’s can ignore rules and protocol and make up their own reality, we can do it better.