Hallelujah, somebody with common sense and decency is actually standing up for Christian values and not pandering to wingnuttery, which is what we are used to hearing from the Faux Christians, who endorse prosperity gospel and the corruption of Donald Trump — both of which are centered on the acquisition of money, and emphatically not God. 70 black church leaders penned an open letter to Christianity Today, elaborating on it’s controversial editorial calling for the removal of Donald Trump, and serving as a wake up call to pastors who are part of the problem, not the solution. Religion News Service:

So, yes, this letter serves as a statement in full support of CT, but this letter goes one step further to also serve as a rebuke to those pastors and leaders who are so outraged by CT’s response to the impeachment of President Trump.

These pastors and leaders are complicit in their silence as this administration has separated children from their families, characterized African nations as “s-hole countries” and operated in tandem with the Republican Party to fight to deny people access to affordable healthcare. All the while, hate crimes have risen to an all-time high.

This administration has done absolutely nothing about gun violence and mass shootings in this nation, yet steadily rolls back consent decrees at a time when police brutality and the killing of unarmed black men and women are steadily increasing.

With its horrific environmental policies, this administration has abandoned all sanity during an extreme climate crisis. Meanwhile, Flint, Michigan, still does not have clean drinking water.

In closing, we who have signed below want to go on record in stating plainly that we support Galli’s accurate and timely article along with your followup article in defense of the stance of holding the president accountable. We agree that Trump should be removed and has consistently shown himself incapable and unworthy of the position as the leader of this country.

Thank you for choosing to be a reflection of the true and wise God over pandering to a denominational group that chooses to diminish God through action and exclusionary beliefs.

The time is over for a version of Christianity that weakens the GOOD news by preaching to the souls of people while not challenging the oppressive policies that affect the very people that sit in our pews every Sunday morning.

No, we cannot sit by the wayside and not respond with a counterargument defending the importance of truth and integrity. If truth no longer matters, then the church can no longer be the hope of the world.

This is not the entire letter, and you’ll want to read it. It is a wondrous sign, in my view, that some sanity and real world thinking is coming out of the Christian church. I have long followed the commentary of pastors William Barber and John Pavlovitz, who speak the truth about Donald Trump’s catastrophic policies, and it’s encouraging to see a group of religious people band together and go on record doing the same. I hope we see more of this, because if one thing is certain, it’s this: the religious vote is the one bloc that Trump has counted on having solidly in his column. If that splinters or fails, he’s done. And he knows it. Amen and hallelujah, so mote it be — and I am not being facetious. I am overjoyed. Look for Trump to book another rally tout suite, once he gets wind of this new development.

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Let justice rain down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.

Cherl Harrell

It is more than about time this happened. Hopefully, more faith leaders will jump on this band wagon. We shall see.


I have not understood where the kind, caring religious people have been during trumps presidency. I have known both types of people. The kind, considerate helpful Christians. My mother in law, was the other kind. A born again Christian. She hated me because I was a punk girl. She called me a “witch.” Said I had drug her son down to hell. Anyway, I am very happy to hear some sane words for once. Let’s hope there are many of these people, who are ready to help vote Trump out of office.


Mae, there seems to be a hidden tidal wave of people with a history of abuse at the hands of Xthians. Welcome to the ranks!


Ursula, I never thought I would ever be on the same side as the Xthians, but here I am.

This world needs a swift return to basic “Christian values.”


This whole ‘trvmp is the chosen one to bring about the rapture’ is completely insane.