Watch Ann Coulter Use Modern Right Wing Nazi Tactics


Nazism took hold in Germany during the worst economic depression since the Dark Ages. Most people were crushingly poor. Wheel barrels filled with useless cash rolled around cities fighting sky-rocketing inflation. People worried that it would take generations to get better, the world was pulling itself apart by the seams.

In was within this difficult context, with all the suffering and fear pulsing through the German nation in that period, that Hitler rose. He blamed all of those societal ills on Jews. Hitler created the perfect group of “others” upon which his followers could pin all their pain. It didn’t matter in the least that it made no sense, that no link existed, and it was obviously meant to just enrage people.

I give you Ann Coulter:

Now, I think it is important to note that several people on Twitter said that the textbook highlighted is from a graduate class at one of the universities, and not an 8th grade class on human sexuality.

But obviously that is not the issue. That tweet went out to 2.2 million people, and forwarded to who knows how many.

If you are still asking yourself what you’re missing, what Ann might be referencing which links immigration and the sex-ed issue, you’re not missing anything. There is no link. Ann created a convenient link without regard for the fact that there are completely separate, one doesn’t relate to the other.

Ann Coulter is using a the Nazi tactic. She took something seen as bad, and pins that perceived evilness on the group she detests, “immigrants.”

Look at some of the comments responding to her:

Apparently they don’t teach critical thinking in our military. Actually, they do, just some slip through. Plus, “Demons”? Yet another tactic. Dehumanize the people you want to crush. Takeaway their personhood. We are demons, now.

And now we are mentally ill. The mentally ill require treatment, voluntary or involuntary, they are subject to someone else’s decision-making.

I don’t need to belabor the point.

Yes, there are a lot of responses noting that one doesn’t have anything to do with the other. After all, if that is a real textbook for 8th graders (and I seriously doubt that it is, some common sense need be applied here), then I might have some issues on just how far I’m letting the public schools go in teaching sexuality to my child.

But we cannot know whether is real because we already see that an agenda is driving the accusation, one that has nothing to do with education.

She is obviously engaging in propaganda. When propaganda is distributed solely to inflame hatred or violence, such as when one implies that young children are taught sexual “blood sports,” it becomes propaganda of the Nazi-type. There is no other way to put it. It is meant to fuel hatred with white hot intensity. Make people believe that children are threatened!

There is no better way to ensure hatred gets directed at a target than to link that target to harming one’s child, especially in some sadistic or “satanic” way.

Do you see?

None of this actually relates. Ann took something society associates with fringe sickness, aberrant sexual behavior, even dangerous sexual behavior, and then puts the readers’ innocent children or grandchildren under that threat. The only step left is to link the threat to “others.”

That last one is easy, because when inflamed into that kind of scared rage, the reader desperately wants someone to blame, and doesn’t want it to be someone who is “human.” Nope, better to make that person a “demon,” or “mentally-ill,” or simply an “immigrant” who looks different.

It is very hard to spread a propaganda of hatred in an educated and secure society. But we are not an educated and secure society. One can see it play out in real time.


Peace, y’all

Jason and on Twitter @MiciakZoom

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Outrage! Ironic that these people support a president who is a rapist.

Jason, considering the fact that there are some in this country who would put armed teachers (with or without proper firearms training) in public classrooms, I think your concern about EIGHTH graders learning about subjects like anal sex and bondage plays right into the hands of the fear-mongers you’re so quick to denounce. By the 8th grade, kids already can find out pretty much anything they want to know about sex (and, for the record, they could do that even 50 years ago) and today’s kids are even more likely to have already been engaging in various types of sexual… Read more »
Cherl Harrell

Not only is he a rapist, he was close buds with Jeffrey Epstein, until he was arrested. Yet, somehow all the nut job conspiracy theories involving child sex rings are aimed at liberals. Just projection on a larger scale.

Harold A Maio

Mastering the use of Twitter is akin to mastering the use of radio. Hitler mastered it to one end, FDR, with his fireside chats, to another.