If Nothing Else, the Taint of Impeachment Is Driving Trump Insane


The impending senate whitewash of a clear crime, one that threatens our ability to vote-in the candidate we want for the presidency, drives us crazy. It should. It is an affront to justice and the rule of law upon which we depend.

But, without regard to the ultimate outcome, do know that impeachment has served at least one purpose. With Trump, it certainly has had a punitive effect. He is incensed that it happened, and cannot let it go. That is called punishment.

You have seen this issued perhaps a hundred times already, and he does it near daily. Here is the latest, appropo of absolutely nothing on a Sunday afternoon in busy and dangerous world:

Oh, dear.

My, you do sound upset. I can almost feel it.

There is literally nothing new in that tweet. He is just crying at this point. It is cliché, but jeez, just imagine the exact same statements coming from President Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. It is impossible, because no president to this point has ever sounded like this.

Here is a practical question back:

Interesting point. Stigmas seemed to be one of those existential things that haven’t been a bother to this point, so what’s he worried about now?

He said all he cared about was making America great again, and he says he has, and wants to keep it great again. If America is “great again” who cares what it took to get there? Ah, yes, he cares, because he never cared what happens to “America,” it’s all about him.

I believe one of his staff members said something that can be of assistance:

“Deal with it.”

And for godsake, stop whining!

But do check-in from time to time to let us know that it is still bothering you deeply. Such an ego injury.


Peace, y’all


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5 Comments on "If Nothing Else, the Taint of Impeachment Is Driving Trump Insane"

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Just like mcconnell flailing around. They make it obvious. mcconnell thinks he is being bold and bad, like trump. I see his declarations differently.


Not only is he crazed by impeachment. The fact that a strong and savvy female brought this upon him is excruciating. Suck it, don.

He obviously has an itch he can’t quite scratch, I think it is the realization that holy cow, my BS stream has lost its effect and all those arrows on the road signs are pointing straight down … he has no one left to call on for protection … Miller is just a babble-monger speech writer, DJT’s jumped so far off the rails, he can actually see the dim glow escaping around that heavy sliding gate that gets slid off to the side when they bring in the latest bus load of losers …. I think he knows that his… Read more »

“Driving Trump Insane”
Not a particularly long trip.

rory darjiit

I think it might be driving him insane right now because he understands it can hurt him…it can lead to a 2020 loss, then he gets hit with lawsuits and loses his ability to defend himself through cheating and manipulation.

If we ever got to a place where impeachment wasn’t threatening him personally…like he weathers this, and someday ends up a private citizen who’s past the threat of legal problems, like say Nixon, then I think he’ll wear impeachment as a sort of badge of honor.

That’s just a guess. He’s insane.