Did Trump Just Deploy U.S. Troops as Mercenaries to Saudi Arabia?


This is where your nation stands now. Donald Trump bragged about deploying troops to Saudi Arabia, but only after they put “money in the bank” for them.

How does this even work? Did they wire it? Does the United States just have a giant checking account? Does anyone even know?

I am sure someone knows, but I seriously doubt it is Donald Trump, and who the hell came up with the “One billion dollars” figure? That sounds a lot more like a “price” for which Trump is willing to sell.

That’s not the way this works!

IF the United States determines it is in the United States’ interests to deploy troops to another country, and IF the deal is worked out to have some cost-sharing, the costs are paid as “actual costs,” meaning it is broken down into salaries, equipment and support costs like fuel, and lodging, all that. The costs are then tallied as they go, and a nation then pays in installments as it is being expended or quarterly.

This sounds like Trump just randomly told the Kingdom that he needed some cash if he is going to deploy troops. Maybe he figures the United States will “make some money off this.” And because it is Trump, and because he’s hopelessly conflicted on a million levels and because he hides everything about his finances, we have to ask if Trump somehow got some “grease” for the whole transaction, got a portion slid to him, personally.

Trump did not say which bank, whose bank, when the deposit was made, nor whether anyone at Treasury had records for Congress, nothing. Perhaps Saudi Arabia didn’t pay a dime, and Trump just wants everyone to think he’s “tough” in driving those artful deals.

Everything, literally everything, is a transaction in his life, no principles.

I have no problem with the American government determining it is in American interests to secure freedom and economic flow throughout the Middle East, and therefore deploying our people and resources to secure that stability. It has been a doctrine of American foreign policy for a long time.

I do not like the idea of peoples’ sons and daughters deployed to a region with missiles flying all over because Trump got a good deal for them. People die in these situations, and we only ask people to serve us if it is for the nation, the flag, our constitution, and our freedoms. If we decide all of this is necessary, WE pay for it, and then perhaps work out a deal for cost-sharing.

What the hell is going on?

More importantly, someone must know what is going on, and yet I am not sure that those people are within the proper structure of government. We talked yesterday about the lack of structure in decisions made at Mar a’ Lago. The same principle applies here. Have military and treasury experts run cost figures? Do they know how they are to be paid and which accounts will receive the distribution? Without significant structure, the records will not be kept, nor will the right people be involved. It is government by Saddam Hussein of the West.

This is where we stand. We look like damned mercenaries, ready to kill for our friends. To make it worse, “our” friends corresponds more with Trump’s friends. Trump jams the West and NATO about paying more for their interests, but he’s willing to sell our military to sketchier groups he likes.

For all we know, the operation that Trump just approved actually costs $10.63 billion per annum under current conditions as run by analysts – if it was analyzed at all. Perhaps Trump just gifted the whole operation to his friend, MBS, but wants to appear “tough” and thus brags about this artful deal he got. Meanwhile, he knows he just pulled a fast one on everyone.

We don’t know. And that is the point.

UPDATE: As with all things, once the news trickles out to a wider audience, people notice and start to object:


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Pay me for ‘my boys.’


Why isn’t the House opening other Impeachment articles to keep up with the mofo? Can’t trust Moscow Mitch to be fair so open more and bring in more information or demand it, ALL BASED ON THE MOFO’S WORDS FROM HIMSELF!


Pimpus Maximus is relentless! One more hour of his reign is too long.


Kenneth Hamburger

When you’re hiring mercenaries, they cost a lot more than hiring GIs for the Army.

Most of us did not sign up to be mercenaries fighting for some twits like the Saudis. One has to ask: Why do the Saudis spend so much on military equipment but expect the US to deploy to keep them in power?

It’s the way they do things over there, they hire somebody else to tote that barge or anything else that requires manual labor, many of them are treated badly, because, well the hired help are not family, and when the average income for EVERY person in the Saudi group, man, woman, child was $10,000. dollars every day, and because they were family, everyone got their share … over 10 years ago … they had gold trinkets everywhere, jewelry stores with shelf loads of pure gold items … it’s no wonder Trump goes gaga for the Saudi’s and is so buddy-like… Read more »

I’ve been out of the loop for a time and need to catch up. Is “that heavy necklace of solid gold” a metaphor or a real gift?


Yes, whose bank account?

And, if our soldiers are being farmed out to the highest bidder, they better split the profit with the soldiers themselves. Mercenaries don’t come cheap.

And, if SA is so rich, let them raise their own military and send some of those useless, entitled princes to the battlefield. If our soldiers let themselves be used like this, all hope is lost.

I don’t want our troops loaned out to those rich funcks! Don’t we have a say in this??!!