Trump Voters Forgive Him bc “He Is Our OJ.” Hate Flows Out


Politico has a fascinating column this morning in which its columnist invited Trump supporters to email him with their good-faith defense of his conduct with respect to Ukraine. He got what he wanted, an unfettered review, honest, revealing and angry. One person responded that Trump was “their OJ,” in that they were with him, facts be damned. Really damned.

John Harris, the columnist, does everything right except he stops from the ultimate inescapable conclusion found among the varied answers. Trump supporters support him for one overriding principle that eclipses everything else: He hates Democrats and “leftists” as much as they do.

That is the end of the discussion for them, all of them. One only has to parse through their words in each statement, what they’re really trying to say. (Direct quotes of email correspondents do not fall under “fair use” guidelines, IMO. These are statements made by individuals into the public domain, and not subject to usual limitations of 2-3 paragraphs. Still, we’ll be respectful).

Leading off, a 66 year old man who describes Trump as: “Manic, illogical, uneducated, vulgar, amoral, narcissist, and having no character.”

And yet the same man says that Trump has done a fine job on the economy and, in facing the threat posed by Democrats implacable bid to thwart him. Democrats have abused the rules and process for three years. (They weren’t even in power for two, so that’s strange). They support him no matter what, as he is their OJ.

The man eviscerates Trump with an honest assessment, then takes a nod at an economy that had been rising faster under Obama and then uses the rest of his opportunity to unleash his hatred of Democrats, which Trump shares. In that statement he hits it. The only unifying feature is they all hate the left, seeing “us” as the true “enemy” and threat.

A more illuminating description?

Alan Weisz, a dentist from Deerfield, Ill., considers himself a “thoughtful conservative” who sometimes must cover his ears at Trump’s words designed to stoke “hardcore supporters” or “enrage his hysterical detractors.” But this is countered by the fact that he regards the president as “incredibly tough” and a strong leader. He’ll take “good policy and bad optics” over the “apology tours, regulation, pomposity, weak leadership” he associated with Barack Obama.

Trump is not a weak-assed panty-waisted leftist like the hated Barack, the black guy, Obama. That is Trump’s defense. Pay attention to whom Trump is not, not Trump as a person.

Another reader:

“I and a lot of Americans support the president because he is Everyman, not the pretentious power hungry politicians and righteous ‘journalists’ roaming the streets of DC and big cities,”

The only “everyman” who has a gold toilet, 757, helicopters, golf courses and penchant for suing the everymans that work on his projects. But, again, they define Trump by what he’s not, rather than … “pretentious …”

Stop at the word “pretentious” for a second and just preserve it. Take out pretentious and suddenly every other word used applies just as logically to Trump (power hungry, big cities), Mitch McConnell, or Sean Hannity.

It is just that Trump and Republicans are not “pretentious” about it. We are the enemy, and our “pretentiousness” is the tell. Pretentious defined by Webster: “attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, than is actually possessed.”

Trump is not “pretentious,” somehow. Only leftists.

This one is truly special, by someone who is not a “conservative,” but he is a Trump supporter:

“Politicians are all corrupt and greedy, regardless of political party,” he said. “Trump is unique because he doesn’t pretend otherwise. He’s not a hypocritical politician like the rest of the swamp. Trump fights for his voters. He fights dirty, but so does everyone else, and he’s on their side.”

Trump is just like the rest of them, except for the fact that he doesn’t apologize, nor hide it. The rest of the “swamp” is hypocritical, not Trump, because Trump will do all his bad stuff in your face, and that’s good … when contrasted with Democrats.

This next one really makes me want to vomit: “Trump fights for his voters, and is on their side.”

No. Actually, Trump doesn’t fight “for” his voters – they’re poorer and left subject to a harsher country. Trump’s only fight is that against his opposition, the only fight that actually matters to these people.

More? From a “probable” new vote:

“He’s good enough, and he has delivered great benefit for our country. The real thing is that it’s crystal clear that the motivations behind this impeachment are more corrupt than anything he’s been accused of, let alone anything that’s been proven that he’s done.”

It has not been proven.


That is not true, but to the extent it is true, it’s because Trump is blocking the people most involved in a seamless accusation. It is not “proven,” and thus never will be in these people’s minds, and forget that shit anyway because the motivation is actually the big issue.

“It just seems really obvious to me that people who hate Trump and consider him an existential threat to their idea of what America should be think that anything is justifiable in getting him out of office. Impeachment is not about ‘saving the Republic’ it is about wounding a strong candidate going up against a field of tepid Democratic losers, rookies and has-beens.”

The above guy (near all are guys) does accurately describe Democrats’ beliefs. Trump represents a real threat to the nation. There is nothing “existential” about it, in free speech, free exercise of religion, and freedom from persecution, yes, he is a threat in our eyes.

Impeachment is partly about weakening Trump. Yes. The nation needs to see his root self-serving behavior and self-interest. That is true. It is actually Congress’s job to check possible illegal behavior by the president. The fact that it weakens Trump politically is Trump’s problem. Trump can prove his own point by testifying and having his aides testify. Trump can show the nation that this is all a bunch of shit cooked-up by leftists. It could be Trump’s manifesto, a platform to help defeat Democrats …

No? Not sounding good? Trump voter or Trump? Okay.

But again, get to the bottom and they get honest. We Democrats refuse to support a “strong” candidate against “weak,” and “tepid” losers, rookies and has beens.

I think I have made the case.

It is a case that Harris was brave enough to bring about, but never finishes. He never comes right out and says: “The biggest thing for Trump voters is their visceral, insatiable, and incoherent, hatred of the “leftists” out there, and Trump opposes those exact same people. Trump and his supporters define themselves by who they are not, not by their actions and principles.

When OJ was on trial, he suddenly became a repressed black man up against a system that had coddled him and made him rich. OJ might have killed the girl, but according to his supporters, the motivation in prosecuting OJ was even worse and needed to be punished.

Trump is a wealthy white man from NYC who flaunted his wealth, privilege and status all his life, until he needed to fight a system that was a real problem, unlike him, those “Lefists” and “Democrats.” Suddenly Trump and his past doesn’t matter. The “motivations,” the terrible people opposing him, are the only issue.

Yep, the guy called it. He is their OJ.

Oh! One last thing that maybe ought to be pointed out, could become important. It also means Trump is guilty as all fck, as proven by overwhelming evidence, just like OJ. And it doesn’t matter at all. He kills “us,” and that’s good.


Peace, y’all, and even to these conservatives. May they abandon some of their hatred.

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It seems that there a lot of stupid people living in Amerika. But this people will fool arround. The same as the Nazi’s in Germany and how they stand behind Hitler.


Didn’t change the ultimate outcome of Berlin 1945. Won’t change the outcome here.


Millions of deaths and destruction later!


Absolutely .. #NeverAgainIsNow … but its a brilliant piece Jason TY.


The republicans were so successful with their propaganda. So successful, that I hear similar statements from some democrats. They are not quite as deranged as these people, but they come close sometimes. It is very disturbing.


Do none of these people remember what happened to the real OJ after he “got off”? And do any of them think it’s going to work out any better for Trump or them?

You know, whatever…as a recently wrapped TV series put it years ago, they can live in the new world that’s coming or be buried in their old one. I look forward to the shock and awe of finding out how little power they actually have.


Strangely enough I met bot OJ (had one on one lunch with him) and Trump. I got along with OJ but meeting Trump was disgusting. Trump may be their OJ but Trump is our uniter.

Alice in Wonder

“He Is Our OJ.” Well, they have the Orange part correct.


They also have the “we know he’s guilty but don’t care” part down pat!

If the cops in the OJ trial had not planted evidence OJ would have probably been convicted. For those that forget, the glove was a plant, the blood was a plant (it had the preservatives in it that you find in blood banks). The case should have been of only marginal interest in the majority of the country. Racist made it more. They still can’t stand blacks making money of any kind. As to Warren, she is the only one of the current lot that I trust. The rest are OK I suppose, but she is my pick. Trying to… Read more »
It is gobsmacking to me that we can see the same things and yet see them as meaning complete opposites. That is a product of 2016. It is 2016 that finally turned Dems and libs and many independents away from trying to even communicate with Them, The Other, Republicans/ evangelicals and other deplorables. We finally realized they are motivated by Fear and Hate and Greed, and we know that is not healthy for a democratic republic’s survival. Yet we — and the idiot media — still try to extend a hand toward those waiting to cut our throats. I’m tired.… Read more »

Their only defense for Corruptus Maximus is “he’s a piece of shit but he’s our piece of shit.” How disgusting. He’s put the nation in irreparable debt, giving all the gold to the rich and hanging the rest of us out to dry. Still no healthcare, not even on his radar it appears. The one thing that’s driving more people to bankruptcy, and he doesn’t give a tinker’s damn. Not to mention his intractable lying in every breath. I cannot stomach this senile lying hypocritical piece of cattle crap, I can’t ever bear to hear his whiny nasal grating voice.

chris whitley

What is really sad is that there are a lot of people that live in hate. And they can’t understand why other people don’t live with the same hate. They are always preaching their miserable message and think the rest of the world should walk around with hate burning in them.

chris whitley

If the glove fits wear it! DJ!

p j evans

Willful ignorance, I think. They’re ignoring reality, because it tells them things they don’t want to here, like white man aren’t the majority in the US, and neither are conservatives.


TY Jason .. Every Democrat in country, you know wackos that believe in Justice and Rule of Law and Bill of Rights and Constitution.. NEED A COPY of this piece and need to start discussing how to put this #Bonespurs OJ Hitler down. #NeverAgainIsNow.