Republicans Dangerously United: Faux Hearing on Impeachment-Lite


We speculated yesterday that McConnell might have just been sounding people out, throwing statements around, by saying he had unanimous agreement with a bought and paid for Republican party (millions to Collins), to move forward on an impeachment, utilizing rules in place during Clinton’s impeachment, which do not accommodate the record and need for testimony in this matter.

Of course, McConnell cannot proactively acquit anything. And Pelosi hasn’t sent anything over, yet. On this – taking her sweet time in sending the articles over – she was using political genius rarely seen. I believe she caught McConnell off-guard. She will not send impeachment over until she has a fair agreement about the process.

We aren’t the least bit surprised by McConnell. We figured he would find the most politically shameless, most politically self-satisfied, most politically cynical and most brilliant option available to McConnell.  I don’t know much about the Clinton procedure, but we can trust McConnell to deliver.

Can McConnell trust that the American body politic will allow him to get away with business as usual? Impeachment and war seem to be two topics that are less susceptible to the usual derp political layering. The voters aren’t fooled near as easily with respect to war and impeachment. It is starting to show: According to Rawstory, the polls are aligning against Trump in those two areas.

Demands for transparency and allowance of new witnesses increased Monday after Trump’s former national security advisor John Bolton announced he would testify before the Senate if issued a subpoena. Greg Sargent opined at The Washington Post Tuesday that there “is a reasonable possibility that Bolton has a level of direct knowledge of Trump’s thinking and motives in freezing military aid to Ukraine—one of the most corrupt acts at the core of this whole scandal—that exceeds that of any other living human being.”

Society wants a trial. They want to know that the matter was sufficiently investigated, and a final assessment was made based upon the evidence. Polls consistently show that up to 70% of Americans agree that the trial requires witnesses and evidence. We all also know that an innocent man doesn’t act this way.

It is ironic that it has become so easy for Republicans to shamelessly do the bidding of a madman, no questions asked, that the enormity of what they are doing is lost on them.

“The cover-up that Senator McConnell is engineering here has to be broken at some point and my colleagues will be put on record whether they are going to be part of aiding and abetting the Trump-McConnell cover-up,”

I am not sure that Republicans actually know that the non Fox portion of the nation knows exactly what their behavior “means” as applied to Trump’s guilt or innocence.

Let me summarize it as thus: For months the Republicans wailed daily about the fact that the president was denied due process, his witnesses, his evidence, always wanting that one thing it could not have. When the proceeding was controlled by Trump forces, and Trump Republicans could have whatever they wanted, with respect to witnesses and the process utilized, the only process they could trust to exonerate Trump was hiding from all the evidence, rushing all procedures, and acting as angry and put off as possible, crying “hoax” the whole time. The nation will never get a full hearing of the facts, the one thing that united Americans, the desire for a full hearing. not in the Senate. It might not matter if they can come close in the House investigation.

Republicans have to be wondering if they’ll be hell to pay from the ballot box. For the 2nd time during the Trump-era, Republicans are about to face real voters, not Fox news eyeballs. Last time they got waved out. Retirements are up further, and tough battles loom. There is an uneasy or  unhinged nature to Republican responses lately, to war, to impeachment, to the election. As well there should be, McConnell summarizes the proceeding as: “We have the votes, once a procedure is begun, to immediately pass a sense of the senate …”

Dismissing it.

He will do it, without any thought as to right or wrong, nor how many Republicans he’s put at risk, no matter how much he’s hurt the nation. He benefitted himself and his master, at least he believes he did. That is the end of the analysis with McConnell.

So the matter stays in the House, with more investigation, and will not be sent over. Damned right not. No point.

Jesus, these people.


Peace, y’all

Jason and on Twitter @MiciakZoom






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One should not underestimate Trump’s ability to make McConnell’s position more and more untenable, Jason. The latter may not want witnesses or a trial but the former is practically slobbering for both. Trump sees such as a way to publicly punish all his political enemies by putting THEM on trial. And every day Pelosi holds back those articles is another day Trump isn’t “exonerated”, which will make the Orange Menace lean Turtle even harder.