The Stupidity Is Unprecedented


Stupid is as stupid does   Mama Gump

Let’s just say that, after weeks of yelling and bellicose threats, your kid finally cleans up his room. OK, maybe “clean” is too strong of a word, but there’s definitely a discernible path from the door to the window and closet. As a reward for this Herculean effort, you give him a choice, he can a) take two friends to see the new Star Wars movie, with you paying, b) have two friends over for a pizza and video game party until 11, c) stay up until 1 AM as long as he doesn’t keep you awake with the noise, or d) steal the car keys nd a bottle of jack, and go get wasted behind the school with his friends.

I know, it’s completely absurd and ridiculous on the face of it, right? But if you strip away all of the officialese and hyperbolic bullshit, this is exactly what the White House is trying to tell you was the scenario that led to Emperor Numbus Nuttus icing the number two Iranian general. On foreign soil. Without provocation or previous Iraqi approval. The scenario I painted as a joke in the first paragraph was carried out in full earnest by the Trump national security staff. For realz!

According to the official White House “explanation” (read bullshit excuse), The option of chilling Soleimani was never meant to be an option for Trump to consider seriously. Oh, no, that last one was put in there almost as an afterthought, you know, like pinning a tail on the donkey, to show Traitor Tot how extreme the options could go. It was meant as a tool to steer Donnie Depends to a calmer, more reasoned, rational response. Are they for real with this bullshit?

At this point, I honestly don’t know which is worse, the all encompassing stupidity of The $1 Store Caligula, or the all encompassing stupidity of the mental midgets who put the response list together. After all, we’re speaking about a congenital idiot here, a guy who thinks that Bloodsport should have gotten an Oscar! How could any of these idjits possibly think that they could talk this buffoon out of going all Call of Duty and shit, once that option had been presented to him? But this is just one shining example of the greater underlying problem.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to President Trump’s Chief of Staff. Oh wait, you mean that he doesn’t have one, at least not a real one? Gee, that’s too bad, because this was a major part of his fucking job! In a sane, traditional White House, with a sane, traditional president with an IQ higher than the “keep warm” setting on the crock pot, the Chief of Staff is the ultimate guardian of the gates. In a normal, functional White House, that option would never have made it into the Oval Office, as somebody like John Kelly would have stripped it as a disproportionate response. And believe me, that option would have been stripped, simply because Kelly would have refused to admit the NSC monkeys to the Oval Office as long as that option was in the document, or a subject for discussion in the meeting. That’s how the system is supposed to work, the Chief of Staff controls the information that reaches the President’s desk, which is why the job is so critical.

This is the nightmare scenario that we have been fearing since day one. From 12:01 on January 20th, 2017, we as a nation have had no choice but to place all of our faith in the incredibly small number of adults in the room, imperfect men like Rex Tillerson, Reince Priebu, John Kelly, HR McMaster, and James Mattus. Maybe not our first choices for any of their positions, but at least they were sober, intelligent, thoughtful men, who could be counted on to do their best to counsel the president wisely, and to rein in his more destructive and ignorant impulses. And now they’re all gone.

This is the lesson I really want to be learned from this sad, failed high school lab experiment that is the Trump presidency, especially by any Trump supporters out there that can comprehend printed matter ore complex than Thomas The Tank Engine. As each of the adults in the room departed, they were replaced by weak, sniveling sycophants, whose one guiding ethos in handling their job was to Let Trump Be Trump. And when you let an ignorant, childish, self absorbed narcissist like Donald Trump be himself, this is what happens. People will die. Most likely a lot of them. And you enabled it. So, stand up and take a bow, fucking fools!

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dina hutton


Annar Key

Serious question Murf…. i vacillate between his enablers really not being able to see the pervasive stupid that oozes from every pore of the Mango Mussolini, and his cabal of sycophants just being venal and getting revenge for all the high school beatings they got for being assholes. What say you kemo sabe…..


The really bad part, Murf, is that we won’t see the REAL retaliation from Iran until after Trump lets his guard down a little. Iran has a track record of hitting soft targets when least expected…and being good for their word when taking revenge. As suggested by Jason, look for a Trump-branded property to take the brunt of the upcoming hit.


Well said


Pompao and Pence want the Rapture and are counting on Iran and Trump to bring it on. Why can’t God just suck them and all the other false prophets into outer space and place them in orbit on the dark side of the moon.