A Hidden “Trapdoor” For McConnell On The Way?


Ask not for whom the bell tolls   John Donne

There’s some late breaking news today from Capitol Hill today. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the full House will vote tomorrow on a resolution to limit President Donald Trump’s options in continuing or spreading wider the conflict he has already unleashed with his brazen attack on Iran’s #2 general. It is expected that the bill will pass the House like shit through a goose.

Whereupon it will be passed on to the United States Senate, the exclusive realm of Mitch “The Grim Reaper” McConnell. And anybody who thinks that either McConnell, or any of the other slobbering retards in the GOP caucus will take one step to diminish the power of El Pendejo Presidente to wage war, even after just having the shit scared out of them, needs an intervention. But this time, Yertl the Turtle’s obstructionism may well end up to come back and bite him and the GOP caucus on the ass.

Cast your mind back four years to the wild, anything goes, free association, bad acid trip that was the Trump campaign. What was one of Der Gropinfuror’s most frequent campaign promises, one that helped to swing the opinions of the more simple minded out there? He promised to stop getting the United States into foolish foreign entanglements. And not only that, but he also promised to get all remaining US troops out of the already existing foolish foreign entanglements. And he has continued to speak as an isolationist idjit ever since.

But Donald Trump fucked up. As with all other things in his pathetic, misbegotten life, Trump went into this whole Iran tussle thinking with the little head. And we all know where Donald Trump ends up when he does his thinking with his little head. It got Stormy Daniels a chunk of cash, and an improved deal for her adult film production company. This time it took him to the brink of an actual shooting war with a very capable adversary.

Trump solely owns anything that can logically be linked back to the taking out of General Soleimani. Lock, stock, and barrel. Not only did His Lowness brag himself silly about ordering the mission, he also forced the Department of Defense to acknowledge that the strike was conducted on Trump’s specific orders. Any fallout or repercussion that comes from this strike against Soleimani, whether her in the US, or in the Middle East, will be a chicken that comes home to roost on Trump’s fat, emty head.

And that’s a problem for McConnell. Because he’s such a spineless toady, he will take no action that could possibly incur the Wrath of Dhon. And does McConnell, or any other sentient GOP flunky think that the American people are going to suddenly turn into a bunch of bloodthirsty warmongers just because Glorious Bleater decided to play with his toys? Trump and the GOP swore an oath to get us out of the Middle East, and look what he’s doing now.

Once again, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has owned Trump like an adopted orphan puppy. You know, the one who just can’t seem to hit the newspaper consistently? Pelosi and the Democrats are going to paint Trump as a warmonger, and then they’re going to paint themselves as the saviors who proposed legislation to ensure that trump couldn’t get us bogged down into another neverending morass in the Middle East.

This is a presidential election year. Not only every Democratic presidential candidate, but every Democratic candidate for anything is going to paint Trump as a power hungry dictator, And they’re going to bellow to the heavens their desperate attempts to rein Trump in and keep him in check. Riddle me this, Riddler. In a nation as war torn, and sick of it as the United States, how do you think that Pelosi’s bill to put the clamps on Trump is going to play in public polling?

That’s the hidden trapdoor under Yertl’s feet that I spoke of in the title. As I wrote earlier today, the Iranian air strike into Iraq is not the end. Hell, it isn’t even the beginning. There are going to be furious attacks in retaliation by every armed terrorist group in the Middle East, all in the m=name of the martyred Soleimani. And every time there’s an incident, Trump’s immediate, knee jerk reaction is going to be to respond with his balls instead of his brains. And every time he threatens it, the Democrats will remind the country that it was Trump himself that landed us in this crisis, with his childish original drone strike. And the Democrats who are dung everything n their power to keep it from escalating.

This is going to get worse before it gets better, much worse. How long can McConnell and the GOP Senate continue to provide close air support for Emeror Numbes Nuttus? What happens if Trump responds to an incident by wanting to send 4000 more US troops to the region, a jackpot of targets for the terrorist cells? How bad will it have to get before The Grim Reaper gets off of his fat, dead ass, and throws a choker collar on this mongrel. Thanks to Pelosi and the Democrats, the stage will be set tomorrow, and I guess we’ll all see.

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The champion piss-ass in the WH HAS been a prolific liar, bs slinger and now, out in front of the whole world, an admitted WAR CRIME CRIMINAL, oh the horror in the turtle’s current action plans … once again, Trump’s cow dung for brains on full flatulent release of stupid, has created an international incident guaranteed to bolster terrorist ferver, heck, he even has an 80 million dollar price on his head, I wonder if he even knows that … The basic problem we all have is the generalization of all Americans need to die, because, once again, Trump, and… Read more »