Since Donald Trump has been in office the bar of public discourse in this country has plummeted to where it’s now somewhere down around the molten core of the earth. Now the Trump effect on civilized expression is going world wide. His tweets threatening the destruction of Iranian cultural sites have been particularly ill-received by both America and the world community, being as how they constitute war crimes. They prompted an Iranian official to respond in kind with a troll/threat of his own, to wit, the retweet of an article showing a list of Trump’s properties — and their locations.

Now here the official, an adviser to Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, bottom lines it.

This is not dissimilar from when Justin Trudeau responded to Trump’s insults early on, when Trump was claiming a massive trade deficit with Canada, and his idiot economic adviser, Peter Navarro, was babbling, “There’s a place in Hell for Justin Trudeau.” Trudeau came right out and said that Canada had no problem with the American people, only with the current administration. This is worldwide sentiment. The bottom line here, and it’s one that Trump can’t grasp, because he appears to be constitutionally incapable, is that it’s not all about him. International treaties and relationships existed between the United States and the rest of the world long before he came and will continue long after he’s gone. What he’s really doing is excommunicating himself from the human race, minus his clueless followers, who believe what right-wing media spoon feeds them, (and who were ignorant bigots long before he came on the scene.) Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. All this animosity has been caused by Trump, and the fallout will hurt innocent people, even if it is directed at Trump. So far, the collateral damage of having this clown in office has been stupendous — and it’s only going to get worse.

Maybe Iran will target a Trump property or two. But who will get hurt if they do? Trump will get hurt in the pocket book, but the people living and working and passing by there are the ones who will get killed. The rest of us are already suffering from this Iran debacle by paying more at the gas pump. That reaction was immediate, the price of oil sky rocketed when Suleimani was assassinated.

Trump has no problem putting innocent lives in harm’s way because, once again, to him this isn’t real. It’s all a TV show and a game. He lacks normal feelings. Remember when he told the Green Beret widow, “Your guy knew what he was getting into?”

If the Republicans won’t remove him from office, then the voters have to. We can’t take four more years of this — and you know it will get worse, still. That much can be predicted with certainly, because that is what we’ve seen all along. As bad as it was on day one of this regime, it is many thousand fold worse right now.


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Oh my gosh! What were we JUST talking about!


Score one for Jason, eh, Cmae?



Cherl Harrell

He could see, up close and personal, the results of his horrendous words and deeds. I agree, the collateral damage is the bad part.

On the one hand, I’m SURE the Iranians get what kind of a position we’re in right now. One of the reasons I’m less inclined to panic over Trump than some (though, make no mistake, his actions ARE horrific in their consequences) is because the rest of the world has already been there at one time or another. It’s just our turn is all and the Iranians are more confident than ever on being to outlast Trump. On the other hand, what you said about collateral damage is all too true and potentially tragic. Yes, the Iranians are giving what… Read more »
Denis Elliott

I can’t help but think of the ending of Caddyshack & what they did to that golf course when making the movie.

YouTube is popular in the middle east and they like comedy. Trump better hope Iran or its supporters don’t go getting ideas…


Right now, and into the foreseeable future I’ll be making a point of not even going near, let alone, on, any Trump connected property anywhere in the world.

I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Golf courses are such big, easy to damage targets, and, of course, the added bonus is avoiding the all pervading stench of failure accompanying all of his businesses.

And avoiding bedbugs.

Dawid van Huffel

Wait for it ….


Just the idea of a threat on his properties might kill his pocketbook. People won’t show up. MAGAt’s might stay there to prove a point but others? Issue: This is POTUS. Phucking sicko POTUS. Some in his administration think they’re fulfilling some prophecy in the OT with going after Iran. Maybe bringing Christ back too. Who knows what’s going on in their fundy brains. Unless Joint Chiefs of Staff say NO! to anything more – a nuke wouldn’t surprise me with this mofo.

Kathy Bernard

While I would love for tRrump (and by extension, his properties) to be targeted financially, we must not encourage violence against those buildings. His towers in Chicago, New York, etc., are surrounded by buildings filled with innocent people, his Las Vegas hotel is filled with people assigned to that hotel by conventions whether they want to be there or not (I know, I got stuck there). My hope is that Iran destroys him financially and not in ways that hurt others.